Viaje TNT 2012 Cigar Review

When I picked up this cigar in late July I was hoping to be able to make some allusions to the Angels then-dynamic duo of Trout and Trumbo, affectionately known as “TNT.” They were dynamite and then they weren’t. And now the team is out of the playoffs for a third straight year and my […]

Viaje C-4 Cigar Review

It’s a quirky looking cigar. Both ends are closed with the only difference between the ends being that the good torcedores who make Viaje cigars poked a hole in the “foot.”  That hole does serve a purpose, though, and that purpose is that the hole allows more moisture to escape from the innards of this […]

Viaje Skull and Bones Red WMD 2012 Cigar Review

While catching up on the humanity versus aliens drama “Falling Skies” I decided to smoke a cigar whose name may provide a solution for Dr. John Carter, I mean Tom Mason, and his band of brave humans who are fighting those pesky genocidal aliens. Of course, the cigar I am talking about is the Viaje […]

AFGL: Viaje, Snoop & Chuck

A Few Good Links for this week includes a cigar company that’s transitioning into limited edition cigars only, a rapper (Or is he a hip hop artist? I’m too white to know for sure.) and the end of a favorite TV show of mine. 1. Viaje has announced that they’re only going to do limited […]