Carlos Toraño 1916 Cameroon Cigar Review

From the Toraño website:

    The 1916 Cameroon commemorates the beginning of a legacy with the year of Don Santiago Toraño’s emigration from Spain to Cuba. A slow burning, well balanced cigar, the 1916 is a medium-bodied blend with distinctive hints of pepper, caramel, nuts, and sweet spice. The premium Cameroon wrapper makes for a long and smooth finish which completes this irresistible smoke.

The wrapper is very toothy (lots of little bumps) so that means it is also very oily. It is somewhat veiny and a little misshapen nearer the foot. Tobacco packed well.

I had one of these a couple of weeks ago at a cigar event and it seemed like a great cigar. But, to be honest, I started smoking it after quite a bit of tequila so this could really be a horrible cigar. Something tells me it is anything but horrible though. I hope.

Cigar Stats
Length: 7″
Ring Gauge: 48
Wrapper: Cameroon
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua and Honduras
Price: around $7.00

Tequila Torch!

Extremely creamy smoke. The main flavor is a sweet vanilla that is very rich. Almost tastes like cake batter.

After a while an unexpected flavor comes in: alcohol. I don’t know how to explain it; I am not drinking any alcohol with this cigar. Sort of like that sweet taste you get from a high proof bourbon. And let me be clear, when I say this cigar is sweet I do not mean the kind of sweetness you expect from a pixie stick. It’s an adult sweetness that, upon reflection, was a perfect match for the tequila we had a couple of weeks ago.

Past the halfway point and the vanilla flavor moderates and a couple new flavors enter the mix. Spice is evident in the aftertaste and gets stronger the longer I smoke this cigar.

What I really like about this cigar is that the flavors are alive and they linger. It’s not streaky and the flavors never fade. The flavors evolve from the sweet vanilla to a more spicy flavor profile.

Actually, some black cherry flavors are beginning to check in near the end of the cigar. It is a medium bodied cigar that has a good draw and burn.

90 points

CAO Gold Corona Cigar Review

My last review was of one of these a couple of weeks ago and I gave it 87 points. This one was a little better but there’s just something I’m not getting from this cigar. Even though it has all the right things going for it there is no way this will ever be a favorite cigar for me. Here’s my review:

This cigar looks pretty good save for one white vein that runs from the cap to the foot. Light sheen of oils – good. Very good construction overall.

Cigar Stats
Length: 5 1/2″
Ring Gauge: 42
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Ecuador
Filler: Nicaragua
Price: $4.50

Second Light!

The draw is substantially more open with this one compared to the one I gave 87 points to. It makes a big difference. Even though it is a mild cigar there are a good amount of flavors. But there’s just something wrong about them – they seem faded.

Oak and vanilla are the major flavors. The smoke is creamy and it is burning well. But, like with the other one, it’s not a great cigar. It’s still somewhat boring to me. I do think that other people would like this cigar.

I also get some floral flavors as the cigar starts winding down. There was not one glaring negative I could point to about this cigar. And yet, I am not impressed. Maybe it was due to the fact that it is a mild cigar (that definitely does play a big part). Whatever the case may be it is still a very good cigar… technically. It’s technically a great cigar but it’s not my cup of tea. It could very well be what others like and that is what bumped this cigar up two points.

89 points

CAO Gold Corona Cigar Review

From CAO: “Flawlessly constructed, this nugget of smoking pleasure delivers a smooth buttery flavor laced with vanilla, cream and nutmeg creating an escape that is nothing less than golden.” They peg it as being a mild smoke.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Well, just going off of what anyone says about their cigars they would all sound wonderful. That is why I am here, to tell you who is fudging how good their cigars really are. Here’s my review:

Light brown wrapper that is a little misshapen. It does glisten with oils. There is a hole near the foot of the cigar. It gets thinner by the cap. Drinking Cherry Coke with water.

Cigar Stats
Length: 5 1/2″
Ring Gauge: 42
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Ecuador
Filler: Nicaragua
Price: $4.50


Very mild (I don’t like mild cigars – so be forewarned). Kind of boring actually. Not very flavorful in the beginning.

There are some slight vanilla flavors. Draw is a little tight and there is this ashy flavor that I don’t like.

This review may end up being short unless this cigar gets better. It’s a fine cigar; it burns evenly, the draw is good, the flavors are not bad…. It is just that this cigar does not excite me at all. Halfway through at this point and unless it becomes more flavorful then I won’t like it.

Luckily, it does get better. The vanilla flavor is joined by a nuttiness along with an oak flavor as well. It does improve my overall perception of this cigar. Overall, it is a fine cigar.

87 points

Arturo Fuente Chateau Series King B – Cigar Review

Cigar Stats

Length: 6″
Ring Gauge: 55
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun Grown
Approximate Price: $10.00

The Chateau series from Fuente is the same as the Gran Reserva series except with a different wrapper. The Ecuadorian, sun grown wrapper is supposed to make these cigars more full bodied and spicier as well. The King B is the pyramid version of this series.

I have smoked a couple King Bs in the past and I thought they were great. This one has nearly perfect construction with only one pronounced vein and a couple of bumps. The wrapper has a dark, reddish hew to it. It smells a little sweet before lighting it up.

Light Her Up!

The cigar is a little rough at first. A little wild. Obviously strong and very spicy. It’s actually a little harsh right at the beginning so I knocked about an 1/8th of an inch of ash off and that seems to have erased the harshness. Still a very strong cigar.

There’s a hint of vanilla with this cigar. That’s actually a great combination here. Earthy notes as well also some sweetness. Just awesome.

As I near the end of this cigar it begins to burn a little hot at times. It doesn’t get to the point where it takes a lot away from the flavors but it is noticeable. And the burn can be uneven at times.

Overall, it is a perfectly good cigar. It would definitely be better if I had let it age a little while longer. The problems at the beginning and the end are what is responsible from knocking this cigar down a couple of points and out of the great category.

88 points.

La Aurora Preferido Robusto – Cigar Review

I have always loved cigars from La Aurora. They aren’t overly strong nor are they extremely spicy. Instead, they just have excellent flavors and are smooth.

This cigar doesn’t look any different. It is a well-made robusto with only a couple pronounced veins. That shouldn’t matter though because when I have smoked these cigars in the past they have always been great. I can’t remember giving one of these specific cigars from La Aurora anything less than a 90.

Queen’s Flame!