Am I Too Easy of a Reviewer?

As I look through some of my old ratings I realize that I have a lot of scores that are plus or minus three points of 90. Is that because I smoke a lot of quality cigars or is it because I am just too easy on the cigars?

I currently have 16 reviews that I gave 87-89 points to, seven received 90 points and 13 got 91-93 points. Overall, I have rated 54 cigars. That means about 64.8% of my reviews fall within the seven point range of 87-93 points, 27.8% fall in the 87-89 point range, 13% at 90 points and 24% in the 91-93 point range. Is that normal?

Instead of launching into a massive research project I decided to look at the ratings at A Cigar Smokers Journal because I really respect his ratings. Overall, he has rated 128 cigars. Of those ratings, he gave 15 90 points, 47 between 87 and 89 points and 29 between 91 and 93 points. That means that 71% of his reviews fall in the 87-93 point range, 36.7% fall in the 87-89 point range, 11.7% were given 90 points and 22.6% got 91-93 points.

Surprisingly, to me at least, our proportion of 90-93 point cigars are very close. He has a much larger proportion of his ratings in the 87-89 range though and even though the 90-93 point category is pretty close, I do tend to be more willing to give 90-93 points to a cigar.

Of course this isn’t scientific. The sample sizes are too small, we rated different cigars and I probably screwed up the math a little (adding and division are just so damned boring). But this is a basic way for me to judge how well I am doing at rating cigars and I would have to say that I am not doing too badly. At least that’s what I think.

Happy New Year!!!

Today starts the beginning of a new year, 2009. Lots of changes are going to be happening including changes to this site. Frankly, I don’t know where I am going to take this site yet. I started it because I am relatively new to cigars and I really like them. The Perfect Draw is my place to review cigars and meet other cigar smokers and in that sense this has been a success. But the future of this site? Not sure.

My whole life is going to change shortly as I’m only a half a year away from completing my MBA in Entrepreneurship. That means setting off into a real career and all the other things that go along with having more responsibility. I think I am up for the challenge though (crossing fingers).

Enough about me. Happy New Year everyone and I will have a cigar review up for tomorrow. I’ll probably be over at Twitter, look me up @Travis_Lindsay, if you want. Drop by and say hello. Until tomorrow, God Bless.

Thanksgiving Cigar

Hi everybody. I know that Thanksgiving was yesterday and that I should have left you all a message wishing you a happy Turkey Day but I didn’t because I was having too much fun with my family and also enjoying a great cigar.

But first, what I am thankful for. First and foremost, my family. They are great people and deserve every last ounce of praise given to them. Secondly, God. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to have such a wonderful life. Thirdly, America. Without living in the greatest country to have ever graced Earth I would not have anywhere near as good a life as I do now.

Now onto the more jovial topics.

The food was great. We went over to my cousin’s house (they are nearly twenty years older than me) and we had some great food. Then we came home and I had a wonderful torpedo from Rocky Patel’s Sun Grown line. I gave it 92 points and you should be seeing the review sometime soon.

This is The Perfect Draw Blog!!!

Hello, my name is Travis Lindsay. I have been smoking cigars since the summer of 2006 and I have to tell you that I love everything about cigars. Well, that’s not completely fair because I not only love cigars but everything that makes up the cigar lifestyle. But the most important thing I have gotten […]