Cu-Avana Punisher Cigar Review

If you spend any time whatsoever searching through certain online retailers I am sure that you have seen them pushing the Cu-Avana Punisher. Chances are you have read something like this: Be warned, Punisher is no joke. This full-bodied, potent blend of Nicaraguan ligero tobaccos is one of the strongest cigars we’ve ever experienced. […]

Patel Brothers Short Cigar Review

0/3: It looks like a fairly well made cigar. A little hard to the touch but it is still a visually appealing cigar. Not a lot of oils on the wrapper. On a separate issue, is the point of the name – Patel Brothers – supposed to evoke longing memories of Mario Bros? Maybe whilst […]

Illusione Cigar Review

Conspiracy theories are as abundant nowadays as Wiemar currency before WWII. There are conspiracy theories about the Bilderburgers, the Trilateral Commission, Area 51 and even conspiracy theories about the names of Illusione cigars. Without trying to give too much credence to the cretins who traffic in such insanity let it suffice that the conspiracy theory […]

Cuban Stock Extra Cigar Review

What the extra stands for… I know it stands for something but I forget. Early onset senility, I suppose. Oh well, on the bright side it is a good looking cigar. Well crafted with a couple of small indentations along one of the veins. Oily. There is a bit of tobacco coming off the apex […]

Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ Cigar Review

A couple of nights ago I was at the Tiki Bar Herf and the conversation drifted towards movies. Normally, I think I can hold myself pretty well in a conversation about movies but not so in this situation. One of the herfers, I am told, worked as an editor on 24. Most of the other […]