New Theme for The Perfect Draw

Sometimes things get old, outmoded, stale. That’s what happened to my old theme. It hurt me just to look at the layout of the website for any length of time and I think it was a nightmare for navigational purposes to boot. That is why I switched it to the theme that you see now […]

Fantasy Baseball 2009

It’s that time of year again. But instead of newly cut grass, roving scouts, big league ballplayers in small towns, pitchers and catchers us fantasy baseball managers have Baseball Prospectus, draft kits, blogs, and rankings. And, maybe if enough of you cigar smokers want to, cigars as well.

I’m offering to host a fantasy baseball league for cigar smokers. We can break it up into two half-season leagues or go for the one whole season; I don’t care. The only thing I do care about is the wager. In order to join we would have to put something valuable at stake – like cigars.

So, if you are interested in starting a fantasy baseball league with the entry fee being cigars then leave a comment or email me at

I promise to have at least one review up for tomorrow.

Happy New Year!!!

Today starts the beginning of a new year, 2009. Lots of changes are going to be happening including changes to this site. Frankly, I don’t know where I am going to take this site yet. I started it because I am relatively new to cigars and I really like them. The Perfect Draw is my place to review cigars and meet other cigar smokers and in that sense this has been a success. But the future of this site? Not sure.

My whole life is going to change shortly as I’m only a half a year away from completing my MBA in Entrepreneurship. That means setting off into a real career and all the other things that go along with having more responsibility. I think I am up for the challenge though (crossing fingers).

Enough about me. Happy New Year everyone and I will have a cigar review up for tomorrow. I’ll probably be over at Twitter, look me up @Travis_Lindsay, if you want. Drop by and say hello. Until tomorrow, God Bless.

Home Page for The Perfect Draw

We’re working hard on getting this site up and running so we can really concentrate on what we love; cigars. Within the next 48 hours we will have the homepage up and that will serve as the place where you can get a bird’s eye view of everything that is going on at The Perfect […]