Tatuaje Series P Short Cigar Review


The Tatuaje Series P is significantly cheaper than the other lines from Tatuaje. The robusto costs between $3.00 to $4.00 per stick, depending on how many you buy at one time. So, is it as good as it’s much higher priced brethren?

Just based off of looks and feel I would have to say no. It looks like a dried out leaf with only a slight sheen of oils. Beyond that, it does feel a little squishy to the touch. Not a good start for this Nicaraguan puro.


With a good draw and burn and a medium body this cigar is starting off alright. While I don’t think it measures up to the premium Tatuaje lines (which is an unfair expectation considering the price) it is actually a somewhat enjoyable smoke at the beginning. A slight amount of spice, a decent helping of maple sweetness and woody flavors.

Working against it is that it is not a smooth cigar and the flavors don’t meld all that well together. In fact, as the cigar progresses it does get harsh and then it gets better and then it gets harsh all over again. Basically, it’s an inconsistent cigar that does have a couple of kind of good moments.

In addition to the aforementioned flavors there is a nuttiness and meatiness to it.


Upon reflection, the best way to describe this cigar is that it is dry. The flavors are there but they are intermittently harsh. It’s a cheap cigar and it shows.

1.5 points

Tatuaje Cojonu 2006 Cigar Review

Ah, finally! A torpedo. It’s actually been quite a while since I’ve had one and, since the torpedo vitola is my favorite, I’m excited about this cigar. Well, I’m excited because it’s a torpedo but, slightly more importantly, it’s a Tatuaje. I’ve smoked a handful of Pete Johnson’s creations (Tatuaje Havana VI Nobles and Tatuaje Reserva J21) and I’ve loved them all. Hopefully this cigar, which is made in Miami by master rollers from that island south of Florida, will be just as good.

From the Tatuaje site:

All Tobacco is 1st Generation Cuban Seed Grown in Nicaragua.
Cigars are rolled in classic Cuban tradition by Master Rollers in Little Havana Miami, FL U.S.A.
Headed by Maestro Tobaquero Jose Garcia.
Cigars are rolled with a beautiful Cuban triple-cap and are Medium to Full in flavor.

Now onto what matters; the cigar itself. The Tatuaje Cojonu 2006 is a beautifully crafted torpedo that has a substantial coating of oils on its medium brown wrapper. Well packed and the shape is just spot on. Many torpedos tend to be a little lopsided because it is a more difficult shape to roll (I’m told – I’ve never actually rolled a cigar). My only qualm about this cigar are the two medium sized veins that are located right around where I’m going to be cutting it. Hopefully it does not turn into a big deal – that would be a shame.

Cigar Stats
Length: 5 1/2″
Ring Gauge: 52
Wrapper: Nicaragua Corojo 99
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Price: $13.00

Nuclear Torch!

An effortless draw reveals some really solid flavors. There is some spice, hearty wood and a syrupy caramel flavor that is the most dominant flavor. Another sweetness joins this group after about halfway through the cigar; it’s close to a floral sweetness.

During the last half of the cigar some tobacco flavors do come on. It’s a very good cigar that is thoroughly enjoyable. Medium bodied with a balky draw at first that, thankfully, evens out after the first inch, inch and a half.

This cigar perplexes me. I’m enjoying it but there is just something missing. Maybe it has to do with the flavors not being as robust as I would have liked. Not quite sure actually but I just wanted something more.

90 points

Tatuaje Havana VI Nobles Short Cigar Review


The construction looks to be well above average. It is a little loosely packed near the foot and there are a number of veins, which are not too pronounced. Some oils, feels powdery to the touch, smells like robust leather and just looks good.

I am smoking the Nobles vitola, which is 5″ x 50. This is a Nicaraguan puro that features a natural wrapper and is made under the supervision of Jose Pepin Garcia. Finally, even though this is a boutique brand, none of the cigars from this line will break the budget costing anywhere between $5.50 and $8.00. The Nobles vitola retails for around $7.00.


It starts off well enough. Spice, leather, a lurking sweetness in the background. The draw requires just a little tug now and then, which is no big deal. The burn is uneven and will probably need a couple of touch ups. This is just a bit stronger than medium bodied – medium-full bodied.

What really impresses me about this cigar is that the flavors are definitely alive. They start out strong on the inhale with the leather and the sweetness, which is a close approximation of caramel, and then the spice (warm spice, like cinnamon) explodes out the nose. At the very least it is an interesting cigar.

After about two-thirds of the way through a salty flavor starts to come through.


The Tatuaje Havana VI Nobles is an above average cigar. Good, vibrant flavors. The salty flavor near the end didn’t take much away from my overall enjoyment of this cigar.

4 points

Tatuaje Reserva J21 Cigar Review

This cigar comes from Cigars Direct. Thanks guys!

A perfect looking cigar with glistening oils. There are no soft spots, it has a beautiful cap and it smells great. It is just begging to be smoked!

Cigar Stats
Length: 5″
Ring Gauge: 50
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Price: $11.50

Triple Flame!

The flavors do pop but there’s just something weird about it in the beginning. It’s a chalky taste but, thankfully, it isn’t that big of a deal since it quickly fades into the background. On the bright side there is lots of complexity with this cigar.

The main flavors are great. Musty, a hint of spice on the back of my throat, a sweet woodiness that approaches oak and a nice caramel that effortlessly fills up the background. And all of these flavors are jumping in and out, bobbing and weaving. None of the flavors are one-dimensional, not in the slightest.

Without a single bit of trepidation I can say that after smoking just a third of this cigar that this Tatuaje is a great cigar. It’s medium bodied, has a great draw and an even burn. Delicious cigar.

Right after I ashed the cigar the first time I was hit with this blackberry flavor. Damn it to Hell! I did not want to like this cigar since it is just so trendy to drool over every boutique cigar out there. But, I’ve got to say, this is the real deal.

This is a cigar smoker’s cigar. With lots of nuance and complexity it continually gets better and better. For a medium bodied cigar it comes with loads of flavor that I rarely get in any kind of cigar.


94 points

Stogie Review Interview with Pete Johnson

The guys over at Stogie Review posted a great interview with Pete Johnson, the maker of boutique cigar brand Tatuaje. He is also featured in the most recent issue of Cigar Aficionado. I actually just received a couple of the highly rated Tatuaje cigars the other day and can’t wait to smoke them. Until then, we have this 23-minute video.