Tatuaje Little Monsters Lil’ Drac Cigar Review

Yesterday, I posted a review of the Tatuaje Little Monsters Frank Jr. and, if you read that review, you’ll know that I really liked that cigar. Today, I’m going to review the Lil’ Drac, which is the kid of the Drac. But before that I have to say that I don’t get why these were […]

Tatuaje Little Monsters Frank Jr. Cigar Review

With the release of the Tatuaje Little Monsters series Pete Johnson has revealed that monsters do indeed have progeny. Honestly, that’s a scary thing to think about. Sure, Mrs. Voorhees was Jason’s mom and all but she wasn’t the monster; her son wore the hockey mask. And Frankenstein did have a bride (so did Chucky) […]

La Casita Criolla Cigar Review

This is another cigar from Tatuaje. That might have sounded a little bit like complaining but, trust me, it’s not. If you’re going to be a company that puts out a lot of new cigar lines then you could do worse than try to emulate Tatuaje’s model. I think the La Casita Criolla line came […]

Tatuaje Black Label Cigar Review

For whatever reason most of the other reviews of this brand I have found online have been for the petite lancero vitola. (Perhaps most of the reviews are for the petite lancero because that is a regular production cigar and what I’m smoking happens not to be. Ponder and discuss.) That’s fine and since that […]

AFGL: Viaje, Snoop & Chuck

A Few Good Links for this week includes a cigar company that’s transitioning into limited edition cigars only, a rapper (Or is he a hip hop artist? I’m too white to know for sure.) and the end of a favorite TV show of mine. 1. Viaje has announced that they’re only going to do limited […]