Tatuaje TAA 2012 Cigar Review

The other day I finished watching “Into the West“, which is one of those multi-generational miniseries that follows a family (two in this case) through the generations and, in the process, you also get to see a dramatized version of history, the “Wild West” in this case, and, based off of my watching of this […]

Tatuaje Avion 12 Cigar Review

Size does matter. Tatuaje’s Fausto line is becoming one of my favorite line of cigars with the Fausto Avion 11 being my favorite cigar of all time – by far. I gave that cigar 98 points and I would still give that cigar that high of a score. It just fits right into my preferred […]

Tatuaje Little Monsters Mini Mumm Cigar Review

So far I have reviewed the: Frank Jr. Lil’ Drac Baby Face Wolfie For those of you who know math that means I have reviewed four of these cigars and for those of you who know math and know about the Tatuaje Little Monsters series you will know that this review of the Mini Mumm […]

Tatuaje Little Monsters Wolfie Cigar Review

On Monday I reviewed the Frank Jr. and liked it a lot. On Tuesday I reviewed the Lil’ Drac and didn’t like it. On Wednesday I reviewed the Baby Face and thought it was good. Today I review the Wolfie. And there’s no mistaking this cigar because it is a Shaggy D.A. (I’ve never watched […]

Tatuaje Little Monsters Baby Face Cigar Review

Three days, three reviews of Tatuaje’s Little Monsters. On Monday I reviewed the Frank Jr. and yesterday I reviewed the Lil’ Drac. One I loved the other… not so much. So, how does the Babyface stack up? Let’s find out. Like the rest of the Little Monsters the Babyface is a smaller than “normal” cigar, […]