Liga Privada Papas Fritas Cigar Review

I think the name of this cigar alludes to its snacky characteristics as “papas fritas” means french fries in some language. It’s definitely a small cigar, which means it’s meant for those short times you get during a busy day where you want to smoke but don’t want to break out a normally sized cigar. […]

Viaje Skull and Bones M?stery 2012 Maduro BP Cigar Review

If you look at the bands on this cigar in a darkened room you would be forgiven if you thought they were just plain, black bands. But they’re not. These bands have the same logo replete with skull and cross bones along with the necessary titles on them as all the other Viaje Skull and […]

Tatuaje Little Monsters Frank Jr. Cigar Review

With the release of the Tatuaje Little Monsters series Pete Johnson has revealed that monsters do indeed have progeny. Honestly, that’s a scary thing to think about. Sure, Mrs. Voorhees was Jason’s mom and all but she wasn’t the monster; her son wore the hockey mask. And Frankenstein did have a bride (so did Chucky) […]

Casa Magna Domus Magnus Limitada Short Cigar Review

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Sungrown    |   Binder: Nicaraguan   |   Filler: Nicaraguan   |   Box of 10: $81.00; 5 Pack: $45.00   |   Robusto   |   5 ¾″ x 52 0/3: This vitola, modestly named “Optimus” (which either is a nod to the Transformer character or, more likely, is just the continuation of the Roman […]

Punch Cigar Rights of America Cigar Review

This one has been in the humidor a while; just sitting on its tray minding its own business… until now! Being part of a CRA sampler I got a long time ago it’s slightly oily, wonderfully constructed, maybe too tightly packed but it does look like a great cigar. Plus, it is a Punch, so […]