CAO Brazilia Cigar Review

I remember reviewing this cigar once before but it turns out I have reviewed this cigar twice before. Those two reviews were on the Samba vitola (6 ¼” x 54) but this one is on the Gol! (5” x 56), so it should provide some valuable information for you. This cigar was given to me […]

Camacho Cigar Rights of America Limited Edition Cigar

I have waited long enough. This cigar has been taunting me from my humidor for a few weeks now and, even though I have been patiently letting it rest, the time has come to clip the head and toast the foot.

This Camacho, which comes adorned with a Cigar Rights of America and Camacho Limited Ed. bands, features a dark, oily wrapper. It may not be the prettiest looking cigar nor is it densely packed (it’s actually a little loose) but the point of these cigars is to raise awareness for CRA, which this post is doing, and to reward people who sign up. This is my reward and I’ll be damned if I get bummed out over a couple of imperfections!

The pre-light draw is mostly sweet, with a little bit of spice and leather. It is also surprisingly tight before I light it but once the flame hits the foot everything is right with the world. With just a firm tug leather and meaty flavors are coming through. I know this is a limited edition but if I was a betting man I would bet that this cigar shares a lot of tobacco with it’s Triple Maduro brother.

I didn’t measure this cigar but by the looks of it I would say its in the double corona vitola. And now that I am thinking about it, I sure wish I had taken a picture of this cigar before I started smoking it – oh, well. Life goes on.

This Camacho is a full bodied cigar, well above average on the taste scale, but the burn and the draw are a little disappointing. Neither the burn nor the draw are to the point where it is taking away from my enjoyment of this cigar but they are irksome nonetheless.

Now I’m torn about which cigar this one reminds me the most of. At first I was thinking it’s close to the Triple Maduro but now I am thinking the Coyolar. Whatever the case, in addition to the meat and spice there are also flavors of anise, raisins, saltiness and a general creaminess that coats the mouth.

There is no way I am going to actually give this cigar a score (because I have only smoked one and it’s not readily available) but, if you pressed me, it’s a 93 point cigar give or take a couple of points. The flavors are more than good enough to make up for its faults.

Whilst smoking this cigar I am watching the season finale for the second season of Oz. Truthfully, it just isn’t a fitting cigar for a show like this. Oz, if you don’t know, was a series on HBO that chronicled life in a fictitious jail. It’s an extremely gritty tragedy. This cigar would have been great for The Sopranos’ series finale but it is just too refined for Oz.

Just finished the cigar and I can safely say that I am certainly glad I got a membership with CRA. If you haven’t done so already you should get a membership as well. Even if you don’t get the Camacho as one of your freebies there are many other cigars that are well worth it. Furthermore, it’s just the right thing to do as a cigar smoker. So few are fighting for our rights but CRA is doing a good job at it.

CAO L’Anniversaire 1968-1998 Cameroon Belicoso Cigar Review

This is the torpedo vitola and I have smoked the robusto vitola in the past. I gave that cigar 90 points, here’s what I had to say about it:

    Lots of smoke and an excellent draw. There is spice, which tastes like red pepper flakes, and the flavors are crisp – not muddied down at all. The flavors just explode on the tongue. It is medium bodied.

That was one of those I smoked a while ago so my notes were a little sparse. Here’s my review of this cigar that I thought was even better.

Milky brown wrapper. Good amount of oil with a box press, which I have grown to really appreciate. Perfectly good construction, no problems with it. Drinking Makers Mark with some water.

Cigar Stats
Length: 6″
Ring Gauge: 54
Wrapper: Cameroon
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Price: $8.50

Afternoon de-Light!

Peppery and leathery. It has a perfect draw. Warm, moist smoke. Medium-full bodied with a bias towards being more full bodied.

Slightly salty undertones. There is also this molasses-like sweetness to it. Very complex array of flavors.

Inch in now. The molasses sweetness, which is very rich and deep and is actually quite good is the main flavor now. Next is spice with a small side of saltiness. Still a very most cigar and the saltiness isn’t anywhere near the point of being a nuisance.

A third of the way through and the saltiness is gone. It’s a net plus that that flavor has left but it wasn’t too much of a problem since all the other flavors are great. The burn is fairly even, haven’t had to touch it up.

Nearing the end now. I love this deep, molasses sweetness because there’s also some peppery flavors remaining. It really is an enjoyable cigar. The complex flavor profile stays for nearly the whole length of the cigar.

92 points