Rocky Patel The Edge Corojo Short Cigar Review

Pre-Smoke: My only problem with Rocky Patel cigars is that their wrappers seem to want to unravel all the time and this wrapper looks no different. There are a few imperfections on the wrapper – some discolorations and an 1/8″ diameter hole a mere two inches from the cap. It has a couple of pronounced veins and the wrapper isn’t very oily. The wrapper feels like a late fall leaf; thick and smooth. I’m smoking the Toro 6″ x 52 vitola.

Smoke: From the first puff you know that this is an awesome cigar. At first you get hit with a ton of spicy flavors. Then, after an inch and an ashing, it settles down. Woody and meaty flavors. There is still a good helping of spice that is sticking around. What I really like about this cigar is that it is very flavorful.

After-Smoke: I took a walk after smoking this cigar to clear my head. While it is a medium-full bodied smoke it does have some strength to it. What I didn’t like about this cigar is that it mellowed too much for my tastes.

4 points

Rocky Patel The Edge Maduro | Short Cigar Review

This is the maduro version. Looks and feels great. It’s not too oily. Starts off with floral flavors, which quickly dissipates. This is a full bodied cigar, sneaky strong. There’s some spice and meaty flavors as well. This Patel also has some kick to it, which I really like. It’s a solid cigar that I look forward to smoking whenever I get the chance.

From Patel’s Site:

The Edge remains the hottest cigar in the country based on its strength, price point and fresh-from-the-factory box packaging. Available in both Corojo and Maduro, The Edge presents an unrivaled smoking experience, filling the palate with spicy elements, accenting its bold flavor. It will leave the seasoned smoker weak in the knees without a harsh finish. Full-bodied and full flavored is an understatement!

Rocky Patel’s Site

Price Range: $5.00 – $6.00

4 points