New Cigar Tax in Pennsylvania

From Cigar Aficionado:

    The governor’s budget plan calls for a first-ever tax on premium cigars of 3.6 cents a stick. Coupled with the recent renewal of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, taxes on a single cigar in the Keystone State could jump from 5 cents to roughly 43 cents per cigar.

It’s being sold as one of those “sin” taxes. Let me translate what a “sin” tax is:

    A way for politicians to increase their power.

This is what politics is all about. People need to realize that once smoking is eventually banned (and it will be) the politicians will put non-smokers in their cross-hairs. It might be in the form of another “sin” tax, maybe on fatty foods or something else health related. And what really scares me the most is universal health care.

Whatever name it comes under, universal health care will be used to ram through whatever nanny-staters want in the name of “prevention.” See, if you couch new laws and regulations in certain ways almost no one can be against them.

Once universal health care comes about there will be a need to ration health care. The easiest way to do this is by prohibiting people who do something evil, like smoking or being fat, from getting access to health care. If you don’t live the life the government wants you to leave you will get left out.

If you view taxes on smoking as something that is good just wait. You’re next.

Anti-Smoking Marketing

It’s all about marketing.

Make people think that the very safety of children is at stake when they are around smoke and you win most of the war. Make people think that the very safety of children is at stake whenever they see a smoker and you have won the war. Seriously, who’s against the safety of children?

And this isn’t a cigarette v. cigar thing either. Just because there are extra things added into cigarettes do you think that the smoke-Nazis won’t come after cigars as well? Of course they will!

Here’s a little insight into the minds of the smoke-Nazi marketing campaign:

    That’s why so many health professionals are praising an article in the January issue of the journal Pediatrics. Authors of that study, from the Center for Child and Adolescent Health Policy at Massachusetts General Hospital and other health institutions, used the term “third-hand smoke.” And widespread attention to their work made “third-hand smoke” a part of the American vocabulary almost overnight.
    That opened the doors for all of us to talk about how to protect our families and friends — especially children, the elderly and the sick — from a potentially serious health risk.
    “It’s so valuable, the contribution of this term,” says Dr. Sumita Khatri, a pulmonologist at MetroHealth Medical Center who’s conducted research on air quality and asthma. “It just makes communication easier and faster.”

The smoke-Nazis think that “third hand” smoke is their silver bullet against us. They will use it to push for more regulations against cigar use and will use it to raise our taxes to ever greater heights.

SCHIP? That’s just a small step towards their ultimate goal of outlawing cigars. But, until they finally do reach that fateful moment when all the world’s children are safe from the menace that lingers on our clothes and in our hair for days after we smoke a cigar, they are content with taxing us as much as possible.

    The budget proposal that [Pennsylvania] Gov. Rendell unveiled earlier this month includes a 10-cents-per-pack tax hike on cigarettes — up to $1.45 per pack — along with first-time taxes on cigars and smokeless tobacco.


The campaign to eradicate cigar smokers is based on half truths and marketing. Whenever the studies fail to scare voters enough they find terms, like “third hand smoke”, that will do the job scaring voters. Do we really want to lose our right to smoke cigars because the other side has better marketers than we do?