Padilla Signature 1932 Edicion Limitada 2009 Oscuro Cigar Review

Evidently, this cigar is no longer being made, which may or may not be a shame for reasons that you will come to understand after reading this review or for reasons you have already formulated after smoking one or more of these yourself. The most obvious thing is that this is a big, shaped cigar. […]

Padilla Cazadores Short Cigar Review

I like my Padillas. They are always well made and they almost always taste great. This cigar, the Padilla Cazadores Torpedo (6×52) is one Padilla made stogie that I have been reticent about trying. It’s basically one of their down market offerings but, who knows, right. The Cazadores come with an Ecuadorian wrapper, Ecuadorian binder […]

Padilla Miami Cigar Review

Last year during my trip to the La Aurora factory in the Dominican Republic I had the great opportunity to make some cigars. Ten to be exact. I have smoked some of those cigars since then and they actually aren’t awful. But one thing is consistent about those cigars: their inconsistency. Everything about the construction […]

Padilla Series ’68 Short Cigar Review

First off, I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas. One in which you got twice as many cigars as you had hoped for and Santa even threw in a dependable lighter and a sharp cigar cutter. Oh, and maybe some liquor too if you were really good this year. Full disclosure: I received […]

Padilla Dominus Cigar Review

Let me be upfront about my Padilla bias; I like their cigars. That being said, if the Padilla Dominus were a dog of a cigar I would tell you. Without giving too much away, it is anything but a dog. The Padilla Dominus that is currently sitting on my ash tray is a beauty. Very […]