Cain Cigars

Like a pride of lions circling and then devouring a hapless baby rhino, cigar connoisseurs have been ferociously smoking Cain cigars since their release a short time ago. They are billed as being brazenly full bodied and loaded with flavor. Oliva’s newest creation has definitely created a storm amongst brothers (and sisters) of the leaf.

Even though I rarely fall into the innovator grouping in the “Diffusion of Innovations” I couldn’t pass this opportunity up. I have done what many others have done and bought a box of Cain cigars. I bought a box of maduros and I also picked up a five pack of the Cain Fs.

Based off of the couple of maduros I have smoked they are very good cigars with chocolate and some spice comprising the main flavors with some grassy flavors making up the rest of the flavor palette. As I write this, I am smoking a Cain F and it is definitely more full bodied than the maduro. Spice, wood and some earthiness make up the main flavors for the Cain F with some sweetness added in as well. I can’t say that the Cain F has knocked me on my ass but it is really enjoyable, that’s for sure.

One last thing: if you want to win a custom motorcycle then you should head on over to the Cain website. You need to hurry though since the deadline to enter is August 8th, 2010!