Room 101 Big Delicious Cigar Review

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I received a couple of these cigars from Smoke Inn for this review; as always, all reviews are my own.

Just by looking at it you can tell that at least half of the name is true as this is a fairly large cigar. At a little over six inches with a variable ring gauge from 42 to 52, this torpedo has a slight box press to it and a lot of oils on the dark brown wrapper. Oh, and the foot is closed (the wrapper overhangs the end and covers up the opening in the foot that is normally there). It’s an interesting cigar to look at due to these aforementioned attributes but the band, something I detest talking about, is unique.

With demented, Alice in Wonderland-esque artistic renderings of Abe Dababneh (retailer), Matt Booth (cigar maker) and Matt’s beloved dog the band is very different from all the other cigar bands that I can think of. Add to that the font used for “Big Delicious”, which reminds me of some of the fonts that Quentin Tarantino has used, and I have a cigar band that I won’t soon forget. It’s not elegant like an Opus X band but it is definitely eye catching.

The Big Delicious is part of a line of Smoke Inn exlusive that includes: Tatuaje Apocalypse, Tatuaje Anarchy, Arturo Fuente Solaris, Padron 1964 Anniversary SI-15 Maduro, Padron 1964 Anniversary SI-15 Natural and the My Father El Hijo. All of these releases have been enjoyable smokes and if there are still any around you should give them a shot.

Now it’s time for the cigar.

Big Delicious

Cigar Stats
Vitola: torpedo
Length: 6 ¼”
Ring Gauge: 42-52
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano 2000
Binder: Honduran Corojo Seco
Filler: Brazil, Dominican Republic Piloto Ligero, Honduran Corojo & Nicaragua
Price: $134.25/Box of 15 | $44.75/5 Pack

Big Delicious Special Site Flame!

Supposedly, the blend for the Big Delicious is based off of another blend from the Room 101 stable. What blend? Is this even an important bit of information? That last question teeters over to the “bullshit” spectrum of question asking as, even though it is a legitimate question to ask, it’s too philosophical. The former question, “What blend?” has more import to it as it makes us (at least me) think about the cigar’s flavor profile a bit more.

As luck would have it (or maybe not), I smoked one of the new Namakubi Ecuadors earlier today (I absolutely love that cigar) and the first few puffs of the Big Delicious remind me of it. I reviewed the original Namakubi earlier this year and thought it was a good cigar and my first couple impressions of the Namakubi Ecuador have me thinking that the Ecuador is a better version. So to with the Big Delicious.

Soft spice, floral notes, some oak and some other flavors in the light flavor spectrum. Clean, crisp flavors throughout this first third.

During the second third the spice/floral nexus becomes more acute and enjoyable. There are also wheat and nut flavors during the middle third as well. It’s an interesting flavor profile that has so far kept me interested.

It ends with a lot of wheat and nuts with some spice mixed in but, alas, it gets overwhelmed by the other flavors. This doesn’t mean the end wasn’t enjoyable, it just means that it wasn’t as good as the second or first thirds (in that order).

Medium bodied with an excellent draw and burn; this cigar started out well, got better and then it sort of lagged at the end. Is this cigar worth smoking? Yes, it is, but it isn’t as good as the other Smoke Inn exclusives that have come out over the last year-and-a-half. It is on preorder right now and they will ship at the end of April and, if you purchase a box, the whole order will ship for free.

Perhaps, my negativity stems from the fact that this is a larger cigar. The maximum 52 ring gauge isn’t that big in today’s cigar world but there was something about it that made it perform like a bigger cigar. And I usually don’t like bigger cigars as my enjoyment tends to flag after a while. Too much of a good thing and all that.

89 points

PS: I stated earlier in this review that the beginning of this cigar reminded me of the Namakubi Ecuador but, after finishing it, I don’t think I was right. At least completely. Parts of this cigar’s flavor profile reminded me of the Daruma but, then again….

Arturo Fuente King B Short Cigar Review

January 29, 2013 · Posted in Cigar Review, Short Cigar Review · 1 Comment 

I received this cigar from Thompson Cigar; all reviews are my own.

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun Grown Rosado   |   Binder: Dominican   |   Filler: Dominican   |   Box of 18: $118.23; Six Pack: $39.41  |   Torpedo   |   6″ x 55

0/3: I have had this cigar sitting in my humidor for about a year. Oily and slightly rough to the touch, the wrapper is marred by a couple of minor veins. These cigars come wrapped in a cedar sleeve with a black cloth band at the foot. It’s a beautiful cigar to look at and I’m hoping that the flavors are as good as the looks.

Arturo Fuente King B

1/3: Spice, light cedar, nuts and some other nice flavors. The burn gets a little ragged but is quickly corrected. Medium bodied.

2/3: Sweetness starts coming through during this third. Cedar and nuts are still major factors.

3/3: Chocolate comes along during the final third. The flavors seem a bit washed out but, underneath that, there’s a decent amount of flavor variety.

4/3: Medium bodied with a good draw and a decent burn; this cigar wasn’t as good as I had hoped. It had breadth of flavor but those flavors were average. Decent cigar.

3 out of 5 points – Good cigar

La Sirena Merlion Cigar Review

October 5, 2012 · Posted in Cigar Review · Comment 

The band features a… oh, that’s what a Merlion is. This is a line extension to the La Sirena (which I loved, giving it 95 points and the #2 spot on my 2011 Top 10 list) stables and is made by La Aurora. I love La Aurora cigars and I toured their factory a couple of years ago. The La Sirena blend, on the other hand, is made by My Father Cigars.

It’s a very average looking cigar with the brown being on the lighter side and there being a few decent sized veins sticking out here and there. I will say that this cigar does have a fairly robust tobacco and spice smell coming from it. The construction is solid; evenly packed, very consistent shape, no stretch marks on the wrapper and those sorts of things. It also has a decent amount of oils on the wrapper.

Cigar Stats
Vitola: robusto
Length: 5”
Ring Gauge: 50
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Corojo
Binder: Brazilian Sumatra
Filler: Dominican Corojo & Criollo, Nicaraguan Ligero & Brazilian Mata Fina
Price: $158.00/Box of 20

Watch Firefly… Fire!

Before I start the actual review I have to note that it’s pretty damn cool seeing a former cigar blogger and friend, Barry Stein in this case, being cited on Cigar Aficionado’s website. As many of you know, Barry is the Assistant Director of Marketing for Miami Cigar, which distributes La Sirena cigars.

[Now back to the review.]

Sweet spice and oats make up the two main flavors for me during the first third. Good mix, a little unusual, but definitely interesting.

During the second third the sweet spice adds on a dark fruit sweetness to it as well, which is nice. The oats are still there. There’s also a bit of maple in the background. So, this cigar is partly sweet and partly oat flavored with some rough leather mixed in as well.

Near the end of the second third and throughout the remainder of the cigar the sweet spice fades but does not disappear. In it’s place is a combination of oats and nuts. While not my favorite mixture of flavors it does seem to be working well in this cigar.

Medium bodied with a good draw and burn, the La Sirena Merlion is a good cigar. Even though it does not have the flavors that I enjoy the most the flavors that are here work together very well. This is the kind of cigar that will appeal to a lot of people because of the sweetness mixed with the savory flavors. Personally, I like the La Sirena line better, but that’s just me.

89 points

Tatuaje Little Monsters Frank Jr. Cigar Review

August 20, 2012 · Posted in Cigar Review · 2 Comments 

With the release of the Tatuaje Little Monsters series Pete Johnson has revealed that monsters do indeed have progeny. Honestly, that’s a scary thing to think about. Sure, Mrs. Voorhees was Jason’s mom and all but she wasn’t the monster; her son wore the hockey mask. And Frankenstein did have a bride (so did Chucky) but I can’t recall any monsters with kids (and, no, I don’t count the Adam’s family in this discussion because they really weren’t evil). I don’t know why but thinking about Frankenstein’s kid gives me the heebs.

This cigar is box pressed and shaped like a rectangle with a couple of fittingly gnarly veins (but they’re superficial veins). The wrapper feels like a thoroughly used up fine grit sheet of sandpaper and it’s slightly oily. Medium brown wrapper with some ashen black streaks running through it.

Those Little Monsters

Those Little Monsters

Cigar Stats
Vitola: toro
Length: 5 5/8”
Ring Gauge: 44
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Price: ~$8.00/single as part of a box of 10 Little Monsters

Psycho Killer Blaze!

Interesting flavor profile; very unique. Huge weight to the flavors with medium bodied strength. Deep flavors ranging from wet, clay earth to some savory spices that linger for a long time in the nostrils.

There are some subtle changes during this third; a move towards the more savory: nuts and smoky meat. The spice has subdued a bit but the earthiness still provides the canvass.

The final third is like a reinterpretation of the first third with spice now leading the way over that clay earth flavor. There’s also a bit of sweetness and the savory meat flavor is still kicking around.

Medium bodied with a good draw and burn. I’ve now smoked a couple of these and they have both been excellent. The flavors are very expressive and they meld well together. Plus, it’s a great size for me. I never lost interest in this cigar and my enjoyment level was always at an elevated level.

94 points

Vindicator Cigar Review

July 10, 2012 · Posted in Cigar Review · Comment 

Full Disclosure: I received some of these as samples from Famous Smoke Shop. All reviews are my own.

I received this cigar (and four of its buddies) from Famous Smoke Shop a few months ago and they have stayed on my mind to some degree or another ever since. It’s not that this is either a great or a horrible cigar, it’s just not exactly what I had expected.

Vindicator is made by Oliva; and we all know that they make some excellent cigars. For example, an Oliva Serie V made one of my Top 10s one year. While not exactly as prestigious an honor as, say, winning the Presidential Medal of Freedom or a Blue Ribbon at the County Fair, it’s still something. So, at least the Vindicator has a good lineage.

But why “Vindicator”? It sounds like a cigar Dirty Harry would smoke in between killing punks. Without going too much into the review this cigar is nowhere near as hard edged or intimidating as Mr. Harry. What it is is a decent looking cigar. The wrapper isn’t too vivacious, rather a dull shade of brown, but it looks well made and there isn’t too much visually displeasing about this cigar. Even though it’s not particularly oily it isn’t dry either. For such a cheap cigar it does look like some effort was put into it, which I like to see.

Cigar Stats
Vitola: robusto
Length: 5”
Ring Gauge: 50
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Price: $60.00/Box of 20 | $5.00/Single

Twitter Stock Predictor Torched!

It starts out alright. There isn’t much in the way of complexity but the flavors that are there are decent. Ranging from wood to hay these flavors aren’t very strong.

In addition to the wood and hay during the second third a bit of nuts is added into the flavor profile mix. It’s a good mix but I would appreciate it if the flavors were stronger. If the flavors do not get stronger this cigar’s flavors will just feel watered down… and a little burnt.

During the last third things do get better. A floral note gets added to the mix and it gives the wood a nice sweetness. Overall, there isn’t much special to this cigar but it is serviceable.

The draw was good and the burn was okay only requiring a couple of minor touch ups and it was a medium bodied cigar. None of the flavors were above average but, for the most part it was an okay cigar. The flavors were a little watered down for most of the first two thirds but came on a little more after that. If you are looking for a cheap alternative that is medium bodied, has good smoking characteristics (draw and burn) and some good noticeable flavors, this cigar is worth a try.

85 points

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