Driving in my Car, Smoking my Cigar

Allison Krauss’s haunting voice is singing Trampled Rose, the windows are down and the speed of my car is increasing. It may be sunset but this is Southern California where the yins and the yangs are extreme opposites. Sure, the taxes are murder but the weather is amazing. If I lived in Minnesota or some […]

Nestor Miranda Day 2011

I like Nestor Miranda cigars: I gave the Nestor Miranda 1989 89 points, the Nestor Miranda Special Selection also received 89 points and the Nestor Miranda Collection Dominicano received 91 points from me. Those are some pretty good scores and that is why I think you should be excited about the upcoming Nestor Miranda Day […]

Nestor Miranda Special Selection Cigar Review

I usually stay away from panatelas because I have had problems with the draw from them. But I had seen a lot of good things about these cigars and I just couldn’t pass up a deal for these cigars. So I bit and I couldn’t be happier. It is a beautiful looking cigar. The dark […]

Nestor Miranda 1989 Cigar Review

I received these nice-looking cigars from Miami Cigar and Company. Thanks guys. In the past I have been impressed with the Nestor Miranda Special Selection and the Dominicano; they are flavorful cigars. After smoking a few of these cigars I can say that the Nestor Miranda 1989 is a good cigar as well. For this […]