My Father Cigar Review

Another lancero! Recently, I have reviewed the Cain F and La Flor Dominicana Air Bender lanceros and absolutely loved both of them. So, I said to myself “Self, if those lanceros were so good might other lanceros be similarly delicious?” To which I answered “I dunno… maybe. Let’s try some to find out.” So here […]

My Father Cigars Flor de las Antillas Cigar Review

I received the cigars for this review from Thompson Cigar; as always, all reviews are my own. I’ve reviewed this cigar before and I remember liking it. Actually, the first time I ever tried one of these cigars I thought it was an amazing cigar. Full of flavor and life and pretty much everything else […]

La Dueña Cigar Review

There’s a freaking silhouette on the band! It’s of a woman and, lo and behold, “La Dueña” means owner, which is an homage to Janny Garcia. The cast of characters involved in the creation and production of this cigar includes: Pete Johnson (who blended this cigar), Janny Garcia (who Pete blended this cigar for; she’s […]

Flor de las Antillas Cigar Review

I have no clue why they are using the band that they are. It’s cool and all, with a little painting of a woman and what looks like a grown up cherub (or is it an angel?), but I have no clue what it’s suppose to signify. And guess what? I’m not going to look […]