Fundadores Jamaica Short Cigar Review

Pre-Smoke: Barrington House sent me these cigars a few months back. They have surprised me because, even though they are very mild, they are enjoyable.

The Fundadores Jamaica is not a good looking cigar. Full of bumps and veins. The wrapper is somewhat oily. I’m smoking their churchill vitola.

Smoke: Like I said, it’s very mild. Floral sweetness with some oak. The flavors are surprisingly strong for such a mild cigar. While it isn’t a complex cigar it is great for what it is; mild sweetness. The draw is perfect and the burn is very good.

After-Smoke: What I really like about this cigar is that it is relaxing. It doesn’t take any effort to enjoy it. But the thing of it is that there isn’t a ton of complexity to it. If you like sweet, mild cigars then you will love this one. However, even though I tend to like the more full bodied cigars, I actually liked this one.

3 points

Gurkha Turk Toro – Cigar Review

Full disclosure: I don’t particularly like Gurkhas. When I first heard about these cigars I thought they had to be great due to their reputation. “Oh, they’re made for a king”, “they use the best tobacco”, “oh” blah, blah, blah.

This has to be the most over-hyped cigar I have ever come across. And then they have the audacity to put two gaudy bands, one of which is gigantic, on the cigar. It’s just overkill for me.

But an interesting happens with this cigar. It’s not bad. Not bad at all, actually. This one is a fairly solid cigar that almost makes me want to rethink my hatred for this brand.

And, to be fair, I usually get their cheaper lines. I haven’t splurged and bought one of their expensive, very expensive actually, cigars yet. Maybe I should because this was a very good cigar.