La Gloria Cubana Serie R Esteli Cigar Review

I received the cigars I used for this review from General Cigar; as always, all reviews are my own Esteli is a region in Nicaragua known for producing delicious tobacco. Personally, I like a lot of the cigars featuring tobacco from this region. Generally, the flavor profile leans towards being more robust with a good […]

La Gloria Cubana Artesanos Retro Especiale Cigar Review

I received some samples from General Cigar for this review. My reviews are my own because I’m a moral person and because if I sold reviews no one would trust me. But mostly because I’m a moral person. Enjoy! La Gloria Cubana has injected some nitrous into it’s line of cigars recently by launching line […]

La Gloria Cubana Serie N Cigar Review

I promised this review yesterday so I thought it was a pretty good idea if I followed through and delivered it. Full disclosure: I received the samples I used for this review from General Cigar. Here’s a little backstory to this cigar: A sister brand to the critically-acclaimed La Gloria Cubana Serie R collection, La […]