Ashton VSG Cigar Rights of America Special Edition

Here we have another one of those Cigar Rights of America Special Edition cigars. So far I have not been disappointed. Heck, to be honest, joining CRA is enough for me – the cigar sampler is just icing on the cake (Is there a cigar-related analogy that can be substituted for that? I don’t think […]

Man O’ War Torpedo – Cigar Review

Travis smoked a Man O’ War for the first time. Right off the bat it looks like it should be a great cigar. The band has a menacing Spartan-looking mask with two short swords. It is a maduro figurado and has been touted as being very strong. But is it?

It is a decent cigar but has some problems with it. While it is an interesting smoke right now it should probably be left in the humidor for a little while so that the flavors can better mesh with each other. As it stands right now this cigar isn’t a great cigar (90-95 points) but it is a good cigar with some upside.