Two Great Cigars

Maybe you have noticed that over the last couple of days I have been spending a lot of time tracking cigar news. Most of it has been bad news. Boston, Dallas, England & Wales, Ontario [Canada], and Baltimore have all launched further assaults on cigars and other tobacco products over the last week.

But there’s a bright side to all of this! For the foreseeable future we can still smoke cigars and here are reviews of two great, classic, perfect cigars! One is a La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel (pyramid) and the other is a Cruzado Marelas (perfecto).

Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet A – Cigar Review from In The Humidor

Cigar Stats
Length: 9
Ring Gauge: 48
Tobaccos: Ecuador (wrapper, I think), Nicaragua, and Honduras
Price: $8.00

I was scouring the web earlier today looking for interesting stuff and I came across a blog I have never seen before called In The Humidor. It’s a great blog about, you guessed it, cigars. And what really piqued my interest was the fact that his most recent review is of a Sol Cubano, which I have had the opportunity to smoke a couple of recently.

I’ve got to say that while I do agree with his review I don’t agree with the rating, I think it is too charitable. Their system over there is to rate cigars on a five-star scale. He gave the Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet A a 3, which roughly translates to 85-90 points using the 100-point scale, or, to put it another way, it’s a good cigar in his summation.

Even though I haven’t posted my rating yet I smoked one of these A’s recently and I gave it an 81 for my score. It is just a bland cigar that I could have lived without ever having smoked it. Alright! That’s enough of me blathering on lets get to the very thoughtful review from the guy over at In The Humidor: