Illusione Ultra Short Cigar Review

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo   |   Binder: Nicaraguan   |   Filler: Nicaraguan   |   Box of 20: $216.00; 5 Pack: $60.00   |   Double Corona   |   6 ¾″ x 54 0/3: Finding out information about this cigar is a bit of a trip. When you go to the Illusione website you are first asked […]

Illusione Cigar Review

“…Three days ago we all died,” Jack told Kate in the third episode of the first season of Lost. Now, from what I’ve read, that doesn’t mean that they were all dead for the totality of the series but, honestly, I still don’t really understand everything about that show (Is that even possible?). That is […]

Illusione f9 Short Cigar Review

Wrapper: Nicaragua   |   Binder: Nicaragua   |   Filler: Nicaragua   |   Box of 25: $158.00 | Single: $7.50   |   Lonsdale   |   6 ¼″ x 44 0/3: This one is known as the f9 Finesse, which can lead to some lame joke making like “this cigar looks like it was made with […]

Illusione Cigar Review

Conspiracy theories are as abundant nowadays as Wiemar currency before WWII. There are conspiracy theories about the Bilderburgers, the Trilateral Commission, Area 51 and even conspiracy theories about the names of Illusione cigars. Without trying to give too much credence to the cretins who traffic in such insanity let it suffice that the conspiracy theory […]