Cigar Humidification Tip #1

The other night one of the gentlemen I was smoking cigars with asked me what he should do about this (Cuban) Cohiba he had. To my horror, the Cohiba has not been properly humidified in a couple of months. This, I told him, was a problem and it is a problem for many people who […]

Building up your Stockpile of Cigars

How should you build up your stockpile of cigars? Should you go with samplers or with boxes or buy single sticks? Should you rely on friends or should you get a monthly shipment from some shop online or should you go into your local tobacco shop and personally inspect every stick?

The first thing I can think that you should do is assess how often you actually smoke cigars. If smoking a cigar is an occasional treat you have once every couple of weeks you might be better served going into your local cigar shop and picking out a cigar the day you plan on smoking your cigar.

I suggest this for a couple of reasons. Firstly, since you aren’t smoking cigars too often that means you probably don’t keep up with all the different cigars that much either. So use the experience of someone you trust; either a smoking buddy or the cigar shop’s purveyor. The other reason is that if you don’t smoke cigars too often that will probably mean you don’t pay close enough attention to how you are storing your cigars. Let the professionals do it then.

But what if you smoke regularly or at least three or four times a week? If that is the case then I would suggest getting a humidor and learn how to use it. Now onto your stockpile of cigars.

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When to Buy a Box of Cigars

Is buying a box of cigars really that big of a deal?

Well, if you are like me and you don’t have an endless supply of cigar money, then yes, it is a big deal. I smoke a couple of cigars a week, maybe three or four once in a while. A box of cigars should last me well over half a year, if not more than a year. I’m still going to smoke other cigars so the box just goes into the rotation.

That means that I would be smoking a cigar from that box once every two weeks. Beginning to see the possible problems?

To combat these problems I have come up with two rules to make sure you won’t regret buying that box of cigars in the future.

This is The Perfect Draw Blog!!!

Hello, my name is Travis Lindsay. I have been smoking cigars since the summer of 2006 and I have to tell you that I love everything about cigars. Well, that’s not completely fair because I not only love cigars but everything that makes up the cigar lifestyle. But the most important thing I have gotten […]