Monte Pascoal Cigar Review

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About half a year ago I was contacted by a cigar maker of Brazilian puros. They ended up sending me three samples of their Monte Pascoal Double Coronas and this is my review of that cigar.

Honestly, when I first received these cigars I wasn’t expecting much because I can’t think of any good Brazilian puros. But they looked like they were well made. The parejo shape was pretty uniform but there are these bumps that dot the entirety of the cigar’s structure. It’s oily but it’s also a little veiny too, which could cause problems with the cigar’s burn. Here is what the makers of this cigar have to say about the tobaccos used:

The Mata Fina tobacco is characterized by complex aromas and an elegant bouquet, while the Mata Norte provides the full-bodied flavour most experienced cigar smokers enjoy.

Here is what they have to say about the blend:

All of the cigars in the Monte Pascoal line are blended with these two tobaccos, in different proportions, allowing each smoking experience to be completely unique from one vitola (size) to another.

That is basically true for every cigar: different vitolas deliver different flavors whether that is in intensity, nuance or proportionality. Alright, enough with this egregiously long preamble, lets get down to business.

Cigar Stats
Length: 7 5/8″
Ring Gauge: 49
Wrapper: Brazil Mata Fina
Binder: Brazil Mata Fina
Filler: Brazil Mata Fina & Mata Norte
Price: $34.00/5 Pack | $166.00/Box of 25


Hitchens and the Bible Fire!

Before anything else this must be said: it’s unique. The two major flavor profiles that I am picking up are sweetness and herbal and they are paired with this molasses after taste that isn’t altogether bad. Additionally, the flavors are not all that strong in the beginning (can flavors get lost over 7″ of cigar?).

During the second third, which takes a while to reach since this cigar is fairly long, sees an increase in the intensity of the flavors. Another change is that the flavors are now sweet and floral. While this isn’t exactly my idea of what constitutes great flavors for some it might be more appealing.

As the final third commences there is an oakiness that starts to come through but the main flavor is still that sweet floral flavor. This cigar has a slightly tight draw and the burn is good. I would peg it in the medium bodied range.

I have heard that some other people really like this cigar, which is something I can understand. It’s unique because it is a Brazilian puro and should be tried so that you can expand your cigar smoking horizons. Personally, I thought it was a decent cigar.

87 points

Declaration by Jameson Cigar Review

March 2, 2011 · Posted in Cigar Review · Comment 

Hey, sorry for the lack of posting over the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to smoke many cigars over that time because I contracted Walking Pneumonia. Not fun, I don’t recommend it.Fortunately, the recently engaged Danny, you can find him on Twitter @dannysguitar, was good enough to do this guest review on the Declaration “The Reason” by Jameson Cigars. Thanks Danny!

Before we jump into the review here is what Jameson has to say about this cigar:

A cigar created with purpose and passion, Declaration embodies our independent spirit and inspires a statement about personal liberty, “Smoke to be Free.”

A showcase of Dominican tobaccos, Declaration features an aged Habano ’98 wrapper paired with a Criollo ’98 binder and select filler tobaccos from the prime growing regions of the Dominican Republic. The unabashed enthusiast can expect deep, bold flavors and a memorable, medium-full bodied smoking experience.

It’s a very nice looking Dominican Puro. Pigtail on the cap and it is honestly a very thick cigar.

Cigar Stats
Lenght: 6″
Ring Guage: 58
Wrapper: Dominican Republic Habano ’98
Binder: Dominican Republic Criollo ’98
Filler: Dominican Republic
Price: $31.50/5 Pack | $127.00/Box of 21

Walking Pneumonia Fire!

Medium bodied cigar with a good draw and burn. Flavors in the first third are wood, a little spice and a nice sweetness. Kinda hard to really pinpoint the flavors but I think I taste oak, kinda like an oaky wine or whiskey. This is a big smoke and it would be good for the golf course. The first third leaves me wanting a little more flavor, but the flavors that I do identify I enjoy. The texture of the smoke is ok. A little thin on the exhale, I wish it coated my palate a little better.

The second third has flavors that are pretty similar but I get a distinct nutty flavor balanced with some syrupy sweetness. Actually very enjoyable. The ash has held on into the second third.  Also the body of the smoke is thicker and richer. Thankfully, getting much better.

Final third amps up the sweetness and a slight herbal flavor comes on. Really enjoyable and complex. The balance of flavors is well blended.

I enjoyed how the flavors changed. I enjoyed the sweetness and how it got more and more intense throughout the smoke. If I had to change anything about the cigar, I think I would have preferred some more spice in the beginning of this cigar. Overall, this was an enjoyable smoke from Jameson. Thanks to Brad Mayo and Stogie Review for the contest that I got these smokes from. I definitely recommend these cigars to new and seasoned smokers alike.

90 points

Man O’ War Ruination Cigar Review

November 19, 2009 · Posted in Cigar Review · Comment 

I get it, the marketing whizzes behind the Man O’ War’s branding really want to get across the point that they are extremely bad ass by calling their newest creation “Ruination.” Well, it’s either they want to position their cigars as the bad boy of cigardom or their Ruination line is an ode to America’s economy. Alright, now that I have done the requisite mocking of the bad boy image thing I can actually get to reviewing this cigar.

Two bands adorn this dark and oily cigar. It is very hard to the touch and has some imperfections (veins, minor holes, discolorations) but, based on the other cigars from this line I have smoked, those negatives do not translate into a bad cigar.

One thing that I do have to mention is the sheer size of this cigar. I am smoking the Robusto No. 1 that measures 5 1/2″ by 54 ring gauge, which is fairly substantial, to say the least. Cigars of this magnitude will almost always take longer to smoke than their smaller brethren and, when you also factor in the price, which is north of $10.00, you would be well advised to take your time with this cigar.

Cigar Stats
Length: 5 1/2″
Ring Gauge: 54
Wrapper: Ecuador grown Habano-seed ligero
Binder: ???
Filler: Cuban-seed Nicaraguan and Honduran long-leaf ligeros
Price: $10.00

Legion Flame!

While the draw is definitely too tight with this cigar, it’s not to the point of being unsmokable by any means. Flavors are definitely rolling through. A phalanx of warm spice is followed up by a cacophony of other flavors ranging from leather to herbal notes to sweet wood.

After about the one inch mark the draw does noticeably open up so that it is no longer a problem. The burn is very consistent and the strength of this cigar is definitely in the full bodied range.

This is definitely one of the best cigars I have smoked in a couple of months. With robust flavors and some strength this cigar is definitely growing on me – and I’m still in the first third of the cigar!

The second third of the cigar features a smokier flavor profile that features leather and a slight hint of charcoal. There is also a vein of sweetness that runs throughout the flavor profile.

Nearing the last third and it this Man O’ War Ruination is still great. What is really great about this cigar is the shear number of flavor layers. Sweetness, spice, leather and a couple of other tasty layers make up what is a great cigar.

Near the end a blend of salty and meaty flavors come through.

93 points

La Riqueza Short Cigar Review

November 1, 2009 · Posted in Asides, Short Cigar Review · Comment 


Sitting in my humidor this cigar did not look like much. The band is unassuming and the cigar is well crafted but rustic. Some oils on the dark US Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper give me hope even though the cigar seems a touch too soft throughout.There seems to be a slight box press to this cigar.

I am smoking the La Riqueza #4, which is a robusto measuring 5″ x 48. The binder and filler come from Nicaragua. This cigar should cost you about $9.00 per stick.


Leather and tobacco with a meaty aftertaste. After the halfway point there is an herbal flavor. Some bitterness is evident on the tip of my tongue – not a negative in this case.

It starts out a lot better than it finishes. The beginning is an explosion of flavor that is very enjoyable. The second half becomes harsh at times but it still has it moments.

This is a medium bodied cigar with a good draw and an uneven burn.


Truthfully, after the first couple of inches I was getting really excited about this cigar. The flavors were very enjoyable. I just guess I was expecting more from a cigar that costs nearly ten dollars.

3.5 points

CAO Vision Prana Cigar Review

March 2, 2009 · Posted in Cigar Review · 1 Comment 

The number on the band was 703433, if you really need to know. Good looking cigar with a couple of raised veins. On the tip of this torpedo’s cap there’s a lot of extra wrapper that just hangs down. I don’t think that’s normal. Oh, according to the Cigar Cyclopedia, the filler is Dominican Corojo – so it should be very flavorful.

Cigar Stats
Length: 6 1/4″
Ring Gauge: 52
Wrapper: Dom. Rep.
Binder: Dom. Rep.
Filler: Brazil, Dom. Rep., Nicaragua
Price: $12.00

[SIDE NOTE - I looked online and this cigar can get quite expensive, up to $16 a stick! That's a ton of money for any cigar so it better be good!]

Ignite Flame!

A good amount of spice with a good draw. Doughy, slightly herbal, very moist smoke. I’m liking it so far but I’m only half an inch in so things can change.

It has burned evenly over the first inch of the cigar. It is full bodied but barely so. Not the most powerful cigar ever but it’s still pretty strong. Great amount of smoke.

Very smooth flavors. No real leading flavors as far as I can tell but, this may be odd, I am getting a flowery flavor coming through as well. The smoke is very creamy though.

Over halfway through the cigar now and it’s definitely 90+. Nothing has changed to the flavor profile. Great cigar, no problems with it.

I’m nearing the end now and, in retrospection, the flavors just aren’t that extraordinary. They are good and well above average but there’s just something missing.

91 points

Cigar Aficionado: They liked this cigar so much that they named it their #9 cigar of 2007. “The cigar is earthy, woody and toasty, with roasted nuts on the palate and a pleasant medium body.” They found that it had many veins as well but gave it 92 points anyway.

Cigar Jack: For him the cigar started out earthy and mellowed out into “hints of cream and roasted peanuts were added to the mix, probably from the aged wrapper. At the end, the Vision got a tad spicy, which I also enjoyed.”

World of Cigars: “The draw is loose but not too so, and if anything, it just offers a generous amount of white smoke with a medium body. The cigar has a cedary profile with leather and vanilla notes. At first, it seems that the cigar will not grow complex, but then flavours of sugar roasted nuts and something which resembles fresh baked bread step into the picture. Half way through, the flavours intensify, the nutty flavour taking more room and bringing along a creamy finish with fruity edges.” They gave it 93 points!

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