AFGL: A Cutter, Deals & A Couple of Reviews

This week in A Few Good Links we have “the best cigar cutter” in the world, a recent change in one of the deal o’ the day sites and I’m going to throw in links to a couple of reviews along with my short take on that jazz review from yesterday. Recently, I heard from […]

Top 10 Cigars 2010

As I sit here earnestly smoking an Arturo Fuente Short Story I realize that now is the time to do another Top 10. It was just a year ago when I published my first Top 10 and much has changed in the world. Instead of getting philosophical and patter on about this or that I’m […]

Guillermo León Cigar Review

The first time I smoked one of these cigars was back during the spring in the Dominican Republic at the La Aurora factory. Jason Wood, now the Director of Finance at Miami Cigar & Company (who provided the cigars for this review and advertises on this site as well), secretly handed us these unbanded cigars […]