La Hermandad Short Cigar Review

I received this cigar from the manufacturer, Primer Mundo Cigar Company; as always, all reviews are my own Wrapper: Brazilian Arapiraca    |   Binder: Nicaraguan   |   Filler: Nicaraguan   |   Box of 24: $218.40; Five Pack: $45.50   |   Toro   |   6″ x 52 0/3: Dark brown wrapper with a waxy, oily […]

Tatuaje Apocalypse Short Cigar Review

I received the cigar I am using for this review from Smoke Inn, all reviews are my own. Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf   |   Binder: Nicaraguan   |   Filler: Nicaraguan   |   Box of 15: $134.25; Singly: $8.95   |   Perfecto   |   5 ¼″ x 48-52 0/3: About a year ago Smoke Inn released their […]

La Casita Criolla Cigar Review

This is another cigar from Tatuaje. That might have sounded a little bit like complaining but, trust me, it’s not. If you’re going to be a company that puts out a lot of new cigar lines then you could do worse than try to emulate Tatuaje’s model. I think the La Casita Criolla line came […]

Four Kicks Short Cigar Review

First, I need to thank Keith from Tiki Bar for gifting me this cigar. Thanks buddy! Wrapper: Honduran Ecuador   |   Binder: Nicaragua   |   Filler: Nicaragua   |   Box of 24: $182.00 | 5 Pack: $42.50   |   Toro   |   6″ x 54 0/3: I’ve heard a lot about this cigar and […]

Illusione f9 Short Cigar Review

Wrapper: Nicaragua   |   Binder: Nicaragua   |   Filler: Nicaragua   |   Box of 25: $158.00 | Single: $7.50   |   Lonsdale   |   6 ¼″ x 44 0/3: This one is known as the f9 Finesse, which can lead to some lame joke making like “this cigar looks like it was made with […]