Want to Lose More Jobs? Ban Cigars

Seriously, it’s that simple. If your economy is getting a little overheated (and who’s isn’t?) and you need to apply the brakes a little to prevent a bubble from occurring then all you have to do is ban cigars. Just like the brilliant mayor of Orange County, Florida, the honorable Richard Crotty. Apparently without any […]

Cigar Smokers Fighting Back?

In Florida, cigar smokers are beginning to see the point in fighting back against an all-out assault by our government on cigars. It’s a start but I think they are going at it the wrong way. Here’s a couple of cigar smokers’ arguments:

    “It’s not going to affect my average smoker as much. It’s going to hurt the little guy.”
    “If you read [S-CHIP], there’s so much pork in it.”
    “Why pick on the cigar industry? Why don’t they tax McDonald’s or Wendy’s or Burger King? These are the industries affecting the health of the children. Not us.”
    “[If we got out of Afghanistan instead of taxing cigars] we could have health insurance for all Americans, not just children.”

Look, I feel for these people. They are getting attacked and they’re trying to protect themselves however possible. But trying to divert the attack to another group or arguing for a better way to socialize our country is not the way to go!

The nanny-staters will gladly go and attack Burger King and McDonald’s but they are still going to continue taxing cigars. I firmly believe that the only way to defend against this type of drastic, revolutionary encroachment by our government is to oppose it every chance we get.

Because, like I have said before, S-CHIP and other entitlement programs our government creates for the “benefit” of those who “can’t” fend for themselves is just a way for that government to increase its power and influence over every aspect of our lives.

Right now they are just talking about taxing “sinful” products like cigars and trans-fats but tomorrow they will be talking about outlawing these products as a way to prevent future health care costs. Then what will your argument be? “Make fries illegal but keep robustos legal”? That won’t work.

Cigar smokers, I plead of you, don’t try and divert the government’s taxes to another segment of Americans as a means to argue against cigar taxes. Don’t try to figure out a better way for the government to take control of yet another aspect of our lives. Don’t accept their premise that we need the government to provide health care for Americans.

Instead, argue for your freedom to partake in a pastime that is (still) legal! Do it before it is too late.

Tobacco Free Florida Week

In my backyard LA is having a no-swear week so I guess Florida decided to up the anti by having a ridiculous PR stunt of their own; Tobacco Free Florida Week. Now, lets not get into the minutia of all of this and how its ridiculous. Because, after all, it is completely ridiculous. But what’s even more disheartening is how some smokers are responding to it.

    Some smokers said Tobacco Free week is a good idea.
    “I think I will stop in the next couple of weeks,” said Bob Zuckerman, 66, of Hollywood, who has been smoking for 40 years — and was recently diagnosed with emphysema.
    Marybeth Burdekin, 48, a bartender at Toucans, said she might stop because she spends about $40 a week on cigarettes. “I think it’s worth a try,” she said. “It’s like a New Year’s resolution.”

WOOPIIIIII YAHOO! Look, cigarette smokers, just because you don’t want to deal with the nasty side affects of your pastime you shouldn’t give the government cover. My God, people. Are you so dumb as to need a kick in the ass by the government to do what you think is right?

Take a clue from your cigar smoking brethren:

    “I don’t know how much time I have left, so I’m going to enjoy it while I can,” said Arthur David, 74, of Lauderhill, who was smoking a Cuban cigar.
    “I’m going to continue smoking cigars because they’re good for your constitution,” said Sid Acker, 56, a part-time resident of Hollywood, as he puffed on a cigar at Havaco Cigars and Wine Shop. “And they’re very good with Cuban coffee.”

There, you have it. Cigar smokers have it right. But that’s beside the point. We have the Florida government trying to discourage people from taken part in a legal activity. And, yes, they are probably right in their assertion that smoking is bad for your health but that’s not the point.

The point is this: Do you want the government telling you how to live every aspect of your life? It seems like many cigarette smokers are willing to go along on that ride.