Flavored Cigarettes Banned… Flavored Cigars Next?

A couple of weeks ago Patrick S at The Stogie Guys wrote a post titled Stogie News: Flavored Cigarette Ban Hits, Cigars Next? Short answer: Give ’em time.

From another blog:

One of the problems with the new legislation is that the law does not clearly denote what constitutes a cigarette.

The most common distinction between a cigar and a cigarette is in the way each is wrapped, with cigars being rolled in tobacco leaves and cigarettes being cased in paper. Officials have been “deliberately vague” in letting the public know whether the ban would apply to flavored small cigars and cigarillos.

In a letter to tobacco manufacturers the agency noted that the ban applied to all “cigarette-like” products, regardless of how they are packaged and/or marketed.

Part of the confusion is due to the strict deadline that the agency had to meet. It only had 90 days to put the ban on flavored cigarettes into effect.

Catherine Lorraine, a lawyer in the agency’s tobacco center, said, “We will be looking at products on an individual basis to determine if it meets that aspect of the legislation.”

The post goes on to explain that the reason for the ambiguity is due to the short amount of time the poor FDA had to create these new bans. It had nothing to do with the FDA wanting to create regulations so broad that they could easily be expanded in the future. No way!

Just remember, the FDA could have just enforced laws already on the book that prohibit tobacco consumption by minors. Instead of doing the sensible thing, they just went ahead and banned flavored cigarettes. And, thanks to what I think was a purposefully broad regulation, flavored cigarillos are next. Just you watch.

Ontario Bans Flavored Cigarillos to “Protect” the Children

Yesterday, I covered a story from the [California] Modesto Bee about how some municipalities in America were thinking about restricting the sale of small cigars to “protect” the children. The two great ideas proposed were higher taxes (to bring cigar taxes inline with cigarette taxes) and outlawing the sale of individual cigarillos.

Ontario, Canada has now one-upped everyone! They are banning the sale of flavored cigarillos to, you guessed it, “protect” the children.

How great of them – in order to protect their citizens from themselves the Ontario government has curtailed their citizen’s freedoms. It wasn’t good enough to just outlaw the sale of flavored cigarillos to children they have to completely outlaw the sale of flavored cigarillos to everyone.