Black Pedro Cigar Review

I received samples from Felipe Gregorio; all reviews are my own. Is this cigar somehow related to the Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite? But the Pedro in that movie wasn’t black so I’m guessing that there’s something else going on here, maybe a comment from someone in the know would help elucidate the etymology of this […]

Felipe Gregorio W20 Short Cigar Review

I received this cigar from the maker many months ago so it has the benefit of some rest time in the humidor. Let me see, besides that little tidbit I can’t find much on this cigar save for that the wrapper is Marron Havano 2000, if you know what that means please leave a comment […]

Minotaur Cigar Review

This is another cigar I received from Felipe Gregorio (full disclosure and all that). The best intro for this cigar has already been done by the Stogie Guys during their coverage of the 2010 IPCPR: Felipe Gregorio is releasing the rosado-wrapped Minotaur at a price point of $15 a cigar for the only size in […]

Felipe Gregorio Pure Cigar Review

The sample I used for this review comes from Felipe Gregorio. I think that the marketing people at Felipe Gregorio picked “Pure” and not “Puro,” which this cigar is, because they feared Americans wouldn’t understand what Puro means. And maybe that is a fair assumption. After three years of Spanish in high school I still […]