Where’s the Whiskey?

I was walking through the local grocery store today when I realized something: there is not a huge selection of bourbons, whiskeys, or scotches. There are some of the ones you would expect like Wild Turkey (thankfully), Jim Beam, Jack Daniel’s, and Dewar’s but beyond those big name brands there isn’t much selection. It’s actually a very puny selection.

But wine? The next aisle over has both sides dedicated to wine. My drink of choice gets half of one side of the aisle. That’s pathetic.

I am not writing this because I am a whiskey connoisseur because, quite frankly, due to my geographic location how could I be? Trader Joe’s has an acceptable wine selection. Sam’s Club and Costco have decent wine selections. But if you are looking for something stronger you are just out of luck.

I Drink Wild Turkey and Coca Cola with my Cigars

Yep, that’s right. Wild Turkey and Coke. Is there anything more American than smoking a cigar from Cuba and drinking 101 proof bourbon and a sugary beverage? I don’t think so.

But there is also a practical reason behind this choice. I like both Wild Turkey and Coke, usually Cherry Coke. They taste good and they go well with cigars.

I’m certain that some of you think that it’s not fair for me to be drinking bourbon and rating a cigar. So what? Whenever I do something different, like just having a Cherry Coke, I tell you. As long as I keep the playing field level I don’t think it affects the score of cigars that much.

When I smoke a cigar I drink Wild Turkey (101 proof) and a Cherry Coke.

In fact, whenever I am smoking a milder cigar I will frequently note that what I am drinking is overpowering the flavors. And you might be right if you think that is why I don’t particularly like milder cigars for the most part. Even though I do like Auroras most milder cigars just don’t float my boat.

But what am I to do?