Arturo Fuente Churchill – Cigar Review

Cigar Stats

Length: 7.2″
Ring Gauge: 48
Wrapper: Dominican Cameroon
Approximate Price: $7.00

I am not sure if reading certain parts of War and Peace is a good idea before smoking a cigar. Reading about the deaths of half, HALF!, the Russian and French armies at Boradino doesn’t really get me in the mood to enjoy a fine cigar. Oh well, I soldier on!

I love these cigars. They are my favorite and this is the only cigar I have bought a whole box of. It isn’t the best cigar ever, I’ve smoked better ones. But there is just something about it that I love. And they do score well, each time I have smoked one I have given them a score of 88 to 91. Not too shabby.

Now onto this cigar. It has a hole in the wrapper! And the foot seems a little poorly constructed too. The cigar isn’t really oily but it’s got enough oils on it. I’m sure it is fine. The rest of the cigar looks good and delicious. I hope that looks aren’t deceiving for this cigar.

Hope’s Flame!

Just lit this cigar and I am a little worried about it. The draw is tight and the burn is uneven.

Whew! After about a half inch this ship gets righted. There is now tons of smoke and a good helping of spice. Like all the cigars from Fuente’s Gran Reserva line this is a borderline full bodied cigar. Just perfect if you ask me. It has well balanced flavors and is a smooth smoke.

This cigar has been in my humidor for nearly a year now. It’s one of the last from the box. I wouldn’t wait so long the next time I get some of these cigars but I think I have another few months before the flavors really start to die in these cigars. Basically, smoke them before eighteen months is up.

Halfway through the cigar does mellow out. Probably as a result of its aging in the humidor for a year. Great flavors. I already mentioned spice but there is also some leathery notes and a strong earthiness to this cigar. It is a warm, maybe even dry smoke.

Loved it.

90 points

Ashton VSG Robusto – Cigar Review

Cigar Stats:

Length: 5.5′
Ring Gauge: 50
Approximate Price: $11.75
Wrapper: Dominican, Sumatra

Ever since I started smoking cigars I have heard great things about Ashton. These are supposed to be some of the strongest, most robust cigars on the market. They aren’t for children. OK, no cigars are for children, spoil sports.

Ashton cigars are made by the Fuentes, so they probably are very good cigars. The VSG, in this case, means “virgin sun grown.”

The look of this cigar is just wonderful. Very dark robusto, perfectly constructed, absolutely no problems with the look or feel of the cigar. Tons of oil to the touch. Should be a good cigar – I hope.

Nuevo Flame!

Silky smooth cigar. Wow! There is some spice supporting the dominant cream flavor. I saw someone else say there was a peat taste to this cigar, can’t substantiate that claim here. There is a hickory taste to it though. And I’ve got to say that this is just an exquisite cigar.

Man, it seems like the cigar is just getting darker. The draw is great but it isn’t burning perfectly evenly. About an inch in it gets a little harsh but that quickly disappears. Maybe I was puffing on it too much. Bad Travis!

Even though everyone says this is an explosive, full bodied cigar I just don’t see it. It’s medium-full bodied with a slant to being full bodied, maybe. But it’s not blowing the brains out of my head. But the lack of strength doesn’t bother me all that much because this is a very complex and well balanced cigar.

An example of this complexity is how the cream has morphed into vanilla at this point. The spice has mostly left the cigar and has been replaced by an immense earthiness.

It is a very interesting cigar. Some of you will love it while others will think it is just a decent, good cigar. What do I think? That’s a tough one. There are some problems with it that cannot be denied.

If this had been a stronger cigar that would have been better for all of us. Likewise, if there had been more spice, the type of spice that punches you in the gut, that would have been great. Even with all that it is still an enjoyable, albeit somewhat mundane, smoke. This wasn’t a great cigar, but it was very good.

89 points