Chubbys Maduro Short Cigar Review

Full Disclosure: The cigar comes from Cuban Stock. All review are my own. Wrapper: Ecuadorian Maduro Special   |   Binder: Dominican   |   Filler: Dominican   |   Single MSRP: $7.90   |   Perfecto   |   6″ x 60 0/3: That’s a lot of missing information and if I get that information I will put […]

Cuban Stock Extra Cigar Review

What the extra stands for… I know it stands for something but I forget. Early onset senility, I suppose. Oh well, on the bright side it is a good looking cigar. Well crafted with a couple of small indentations along one of the veins. Oily. There is a bit of tobacco coming off the apex […]

Cuban Stock Royal Selection Cigar Review

This cigar was sent to me by the Cuban Stock Cigar Co. Alright, this is the third one of these that I am about to smoke. I really liked the first two so I have high hopes for this one as well. This cigar has a pretty severe box press to it, which is aesthetically […]

Cuban Stock Cigar Company – Press Release

Contact: Customer Service Telephone: 1.800.380.8617 E-Mail: Website: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE “From a desire for something special, a cigar enterprise grows” Bala Cynwyd, PA…1 April…In a series of private meeting in Puerto Rico during the TAA meeting, Yaniv Levy of Cuban Stock Cigar Company held conversations with several large cigar retailers across the U. […]