Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente Sun Grown Cigar Review

Yesterday, I did a review for this cigar with the natural wrapper and the green band that holds the cedar sheath. To cut a long story short, I did not really care for that cigar and I rated it at 87 points. The flavors were all fine but the cigar just lacked life, complexity and most everything else that makes a cigar truly enjoyable. But maybe with a different wrapper this cigar will be better – maybe an Ecuadorian sun grown wrapper will do the trick.

I effortlessly slide off the cedar sheath, with the black band this time, and a well constructed cigar is revealed. It’s definitely darker than the other one, maybe a little bit more oil and packed tighter but not too tight. I can smell something sweet from the foot of this cigar. Let’s see if it’s better than the other one or not.

Cigar Stats
Length: 4 1/2″
Ring Gauge: 50
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun Grown
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Price: $4.55

Echo Torch!

I smelled sweetness from the foot and now I can taste it. There’s also a coffee flavor that has a good helping of cream added in. Unfortunately, there is a pervasive burnt blandness that sticks around as the main aftertaste. Fortunately, that negative flavor is relegated to the bottom half of my olfactory system. The flavors I get through the nose are good.

During the first half an inch or so the flavors I mentioned are the main ones. After that point a dirty earthy flavor comes on stronger and I actually like it. It gives the cigar some interest. Surprisingly, at about this same time that burnt blandness has begun to fade into the background, almost disappearing but not quite gone.

The Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente Sun Grown is a medium bodied cigar with a slightly erratic burn and a good draw. That negative flavor of burnt blandness has come back for the last third of the cigar, which is too bad. I was enjoying this cigar, somewhat. With the negative flavor this cigar falls precipitously in my estimation. Without the problematic flavor this cigar is one or two points better than the natural wrapper (which scored 87 points) version of this cigar but, with the negative flavor, the sun grown wrapper version of this cigar is at least two points worse.

It has its ups and downs. However, its highest highs are not very impressive. Couple that with the lows and this cigar can be avoided. The natural wrapper wins!

84 points

Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Cigar Review

This cigar, the Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Double Robusto, must have sat in my humidor for a very long time because I had completely forgotten about it. Like many cigars from the Fuentes this one is not the prettiest looking cigar ever. Holes and bumps abound on this lightly packed cigar. It is oily though.

According to the Arturo Fuente website, the tobaccos in this cigar are aged up to ten years, which at least makes the cigar more expensive (and, yes, aging cigars does help up to a point).

Cigar Stats
Length: 5 3/4″
Ring Gauge: 50
Wrapper: Cameroon
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Price: $9.75

Jones Flame!

First set of thoughts: Good draw with some good flavors. Second set of thoughts: Smooth smoke with notes of sweet oak and heavy cream. Third set of thoughts: Medium bodied cigar with a foul aftertaste that is best described as just being harsh.

Alright, after about an inch that aftertaste largely goes away and lets the flavors, which are actually very strong despite this being a medium bodied cigar, take over. That creaminess is most evident in my mouth but is also clear in the retrohale (exhaled smoke out of my nose). There are also some spicy elements with this cigar as well. Nothing overbearing – a subtle spice that buttresses the dominant cream and oak flavors.

Around the halfway point the smoothness mentioned earlier adds on some wildness, which isn’t always a bad thing. Although, with this cigar, it is a slight negative.

One thing that I cannot say about this cigar is that it is not boring. It may not be a truly great cigar but, for my tastes, it’s well above average. And then….

About three quarters of the way through the cigar that foul aftertaste comes back with a vengeance. It tastes a lot like an overly charred piece of steak. While it definitely is not one of the worst flavors I have tasted in a cigar it does detract from my overall experience. One last note before I finish this review: a sweet floral note enters the mix after the three-quarter mark.

88 points