Tatuaje Little Monsters Baby Face Cigar Review

Three days, three reviews of Tatuaje’s Little Monsters. On Monday I reviewed the Frank Jr. and yesterday I reviewed the Lil’ Drac. One I loved the other… not so much. So, how does the Babyface stack up? Let’s find out. Like the rest of the Little Monsters the Babyface is a smaller than “normal” cigar, […]

Padilla Cazadores Short Cigar Review

I like my Padillas. They are always well made and they almost always taste great. This cigar, the Padilla Cazadores Torpedo (6×52) is one Padilla made stogie that I have been reticent about trying. It’s basically one of their down market offerings but, who knows, right. The Cazadores come with an Ecuadorian wrapper, Ecuadorian binder […]

Liga Privada T52 Cigar Review

I’m trying to remember if I have heard anything bad about this cigar. Honestly, nothing comes storming to the forefront of my memory at this moment telling me that somebody doesn’t like this cigar. I’ve had a couple of these and, well, you will just have to wait to see what I think. The Liga […]

Nestor Miranda Collection Dominicano Rosado Cigar Review

Before we get into the good part, the actual review, I need to disclose the fact that I got these cigars from Miami Cigar Co. The Nestor Miranda Collection Dominicano has not been released yet and they decided to send me some. Let me be clear: if this cigar sucks then I’ll tell you. (Fortunately, […]

Perdomo Habano Connecticut Short Cigar Review


The light Connecticut shade wrapper that adorns this cigar has some discolorations. This Perdomo is packed nicely but there is not that much oil on it. Other than that, it looks like a well made cigar.

Beside the American wrapper, the filler and binder tobaccos are grown in Nicaragua (Esteli, Condega and Jalapa). For this review I will be smoking the robusto (5″ x 52), which retails for around $6.00 (the rest of the line will cost you more).


Creaminess is the first noticeable flavor followed by oak. Those are the main flavors but there is also burnt toast in the background. It is a relatively smooth cigar but there is just something in the background that wants to burst out – sort of like a caged tiger or something like that.

At times I can almost taste the spice breaking through and then the mellow oakiness takes back over. Not a bad cigar by any means. It’s medium-full bodied, has a good draw and an even burn. And, truthfully, this cigar is growing on me. It’s laid back flavor profile is endearing.


Overall, it is an enjoyable smoke. The flavors are more than adequate but there is not a lot of complexity with this Perdomo. I will say this: it is better than most of the Perdomos that I have smoked.

3.5 points