No Cigar Smokers Allowed!

I have been told that there once was a time when cigar smokers were able to, shockingly, smoke cigars around… PEOPLE! Well, as we all know, those days are long gone.

We can no longer smoke cigars at restaurants, bars, in a building, around a building, or even in our own cars. This is all the government’s doing. They decided that we shouldn’t be allowed to smoke because it might be harmful to others.

So why are cars still allowed or, for that matter, anything that emits carbon? That stuff is supposedly going to kill off all life on our planet in the next generation or two. And yet I still see hundreds of cars everyday and pollution is increasing, not decreasing.

Unfortunately, I think we lost this war a long time ago. We lost this war once we lost one absolutely crucial battle. Since we cannot smoke here we are no longer able to muster an argument that would allow us to smoke anywhere.

I still hold out hope for the reemergence of the cigar smoker in public but, from where I sit, that hope seems rather far fetched. Doesn’t it?