Punch Cigar Rights of America Cigar Review

This one has been in the humidor a while; just sitting on its tray minding its own business… until now! Being part of a CRA sampler I got a long time ago it’s slightly oily, wonderfully constructed, maybe too tightly packed but it does look like a great cigar. Plus, it is a Punch, so […]

Padron 1964 Anniversary Series Cigar Rights of America Cigar Review

Like that ring in that book by Tolkien this cigar had been lost for years in my humidor. Resting safely in the bottom of a humidor, long forgotten by time this dazzlingly beautiful cigar has been preparing for this moment when it will get the torch to its feetses (it’s from Lord of the Rings; […]

Litto Gomez Cigar Rights of America Cigar Review

Large cigar (5 ¾” x about 53) with a fairly dark, chocolate brown wrapper. There are a couple of instances of large veins with this specimen. One of those veins intrudes upon the cap and seems to me like it portends something bad. On the bright side, and this side does have a considerable size to […]

Tatuaje Cigar Rights of America Special Edition Cigar Review

Note: This cigar came from the CRA Sampler Pack #1. It looks old, worn. Older than Clint Eastwood, an Afghan goatherd and the Sahara combined. Leathery valleys are punctuated by veiny mountain ranges that jut upwards harum-scarum. The excess tobacco is not cut off at the foot but is folded over completely hiding the filler […]

Avo Cigar Rights of America Cigar Review

One of the reasons I like writing is because you never have to pronounce any of the words. Take, for example, this cigar. Is the “A” in “Avo” a hard or soft “A”? I don’t know which it is but, if you absolutely need to know how I’m pronouncing it in my head, I am […]