AFGL: 1992 Federal 91st Cervantes, Tobacco Plaza DD & Ultimate

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A Few Good Links this week deals with three cigar reviews. Two are reviews of cigars that are specific to certain shops throughout the country and I want to try them. The third review is of a cigar I’m dreading to smoke but have to because it’s in my humidor and I’ll have to do a review of it at some indefinite point in the (hopefully) distant future. Maybe it will age well but I doubt it.

1. My Father Le Bijou 1992 Federal 91st Cervantes: from Peter at A Cigar Smoker’s Journal

After Barry left A Cigar Smoker’s Journal (He actually sold it!) I was a little worried. Barry started his blog around the same time that I started The Perfect Draw and he’s one of the first guys that I really connected with in the cigar blogosphere. During a trip to the La Aurora factory in the Dominican Republic we got to hang out some and I realized that he’s a cool guy in real life too. Now he works for La Aurora and his blog came under new management.

I didn’t check in to the site every day but it seemed like the posts were a never-ending procession of press releases, which is boring. But then more reviews starting popping up and, happily, they’re good reviews. Peter’s review of the My Father Le Bijou 1992 Federal 91st Cervantes (That name is why acronyms were invented but MFLB1992F91stC doesn’t roll of the tongue like FUBAR does) is a great example of the quality posts still being published on that site.

According to Peter, this cigar offers a good mixture of flavors ranging from oak to cocoa. It is a medium bodied cigar and, coming from My Father, definitely has a good pedigree. A box of 23 will set you back a little more than $180.

2. Tatuaje Tobacco Plaza DD: from Brooks at Halfwheel

It’s a Tatuaje and the blend is based off of the Fausto, which is good enough for me. Interestingly enough, I was somehow already following the Twitter handle for the B&M (Or do they have a Twitter handle just for the cigar? I forget.) and one night, out of the blue, I got a message from that account asking me if I was going to try this cigar. I promised to look into it and now I have.

Brooks wasn’t head over heals in love with this cigar saying that it was stronger than the Fausto and reminded him more of a young T110. Basically, according to him, only people who love that nicotine kick should smoke this cigar. He had to put the Double D down for a while because he was about to puke due to the strength. Obviously, this cigar is not for new smokers.

According to Brooks he thinks that this cigar will age well and will be more tame in about six months.

3. Cuban Stock Chubbys Ultimate Swell: from Niko at In the Humidor

Yesterday I panned the Cuban Stock Chubbys Maduro Swell because it tasted like a salty mud puddle. I’m dreading lighting up the “Ultimate” Swell because I just don’t see how it can be that good. Niko is giving me some hope that I might be wrong.

He noticed leather, spice and earth and said that whenever he’s looking for a stronger cigar this is the cigar he will go for. Still, I just don’t think I’m going to like this cigar. It’s going to get plenty of time in my humidor and I have been surprised by cigars in the past. Heck, right now I’m being pleasantly surprised by the cigar I’m smoking, which is a Thunder by Nimish (Rocky Patel is somehow connected, I’m not looking it up).

AFGL: A Cutter, Deals & A Couple of Reviews

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This week in A Few Good Links we have “the best cigar cutter” in the world, a recent change in one of the deal o’ the day sites and I’m going to throw in links to a couple of reviews along with my short take on that jazz review from yesterday.

  • Recently, I heard from a friend that he saw this video on YouTube (here) that reviewed this amazing three bladed, Samurai-esque cigar cutter. He was so impressed by this video that he ordered the cigar cutter and I’ll report his feelings about the cutter in a couple of months. You can watch this video here as well:


Fonseca Cigar Review

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Lately I’ve found myself going for more full bodied cigars; Diesel and Padilla’s Dominus to just name a couple. While those cigars are great – and they are in every sense of the word – it is nice to shake things up a bit every now and then. So, I went to my humidor and eyed this light brown cigar with the simple band.

Construction is nearly perfect. Manuel Quesada, the pater tobaccoist of this cigar, is truly a craftsman. My only quibble, if you can even count it as such, is that there are some minor inconsistencies with the coloring of the wrapper. The wrapper has a nice sheen of oil on it and the tobacco is snugly packed into the cigar.

The cigar that I am smoking, the Fonseca 5-50, comes in a natural or maduro wrapper. For this review I am smoking the natural wrapper version.

Cigar Stats
Length: 5″
Ring Gauge: 50
Wrapper: USA (Connecticut Shade)
Binder: Mexico
Filler: Dominican Republic
Price: Box 25 – $95 | Fiver – $25

Midday Flame!

I accidentally forgot about this cigar a number of months ago and, as a result of that accident, this cigar has had lots of rest and it seems to have aided in the flavor of this cigar. Oak, berry sweetness and some burnt hay. Overall, I’m liking the flavors. Unfortunately, this cigar does have an aversion to staying lit; that’s a pain!

It’s a mild cigar, probably too mild for my liking. The draw is nice and the burn is even (as long as it stays lit!).

After about an inch that sweet berry flavor goes up a couple of notches on the flavor-o-meter. Honestly, this is a weird cigar for me. I guess I like these flavors, they are pleasant, it’s just not exactly my concept of what is a great cigar.

It is a good cigar though. Very, very laid back. And the flavors are surprisingly strong for such a mild cigar. This is definitely one of the better mild cigars that I have ever had.

Nearing the end of this cigar and, despite the occasional burn problem, it is a good cigar. The flavors are enjoyable but I’m still not sold on this cigar. If you like oak and sweetness in your cigar then you will most likely enjoy this one. If you normally go for something a little spicier and full bodied then you will probably only be an occasional smoker of these Fonsecas.

87 points

Diesel Cigar Review

December 16, 2009 · Posted in Cigar Review · 5 Comments 

This near-jet black beauty of a cigar is made by A.J. Fernandez who has made cigars for Rocky Patel, Padilla and the Man O’ War lines as well. I must be honest, this is one of the better looking cigars I have seen. In addition to the jet black wrapper it is a rather smallish torpedo that absolutely glistens with oils. There are no seriously raised veins either.

It is rough to the touch, though. And the cigar is tightly packed. Based off of my previous experiences with this cigar neither of those things should hurt the flavor at all.

Cigar Stats
Length: 5″
Ring Gauge: 56
Wrapper: USA/Pennsylvania
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua (Jalapa, Condega, Esteli)
Price: $6.00/Single | $100/Box (30 cigars)

Funny Flame!

As expected, the draw is very good. Not too tight, not too loose. Also, as expected, the Diesel has a ton of flavor that runs smack dab through the “dark” flavor profile. Lots of espresso/coffee beans, earthiness/grassy and some charcoal. There is a little bit of spice but not a whole heck of a lot to speak of. Oh, and chocolate – milk chocolate to be precise – is a fairly prominent flavor with the Diesel.

The flavors coat the mouth and just won’t leave, which is a pretty good thing here. It’s a very good cigar throughout the first half and shows no signs of slowing down.

Medium-full bodied with a good draw and burn. One of the previous Diesels I smoked had the flavors drop off around the halfway point but, with this one, the flavors are sticking through – so far.

For the most part the flavors are staying strong even as the burn line crosses the three-quarters mark. There is some complexity with this cigar and, overall, I am liking it a lot. This isn’t to say that this cigar is special but it is above average for sure.

Leather starts to come through during the second half along with some spice. Further on, within a half inch of the nub, the flavors take a bad turn but, as long as you don’t smoke it way too far down, it’s a very good cigar. The bad flavors revolve around salt, which isn’t a horrible flavor but does diminish my enjoyment to a degree.

What amazes me about this cigar is that if you buy it by the box it is less than $3.50 per cigar. That’s amazing for a cigar that tastes this good. While the flavors are not mind blowingly great they are well above average for the majority of the stogie. If you can buy a box I would strongly suggest you do so; after all, Christmas is just around the corner.

89 points

Perdomo Habano Connecticut Short Cigar Review

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The light Connecticut shade wrapper that adorns this cigar has some discolorations. This Perdomo is packed nicely but there is not that much oil on it. Other than that, it looks like a well made cigar.

Beside the American wrapper, the filler and binder tobaccos are grown in Nicaragua (Esteli, Condega and Jalapa). For this review I will be smoking the robusto (5″ x 52), which retails for around $6.00 (the rest of the line will cost you more).


Creaminess is the first noticeable flavor followed by oak. Those are the main flavors but there is also burnt toast in the background. It is a relatively smooth cigar but there is just something in the background that wants to burst out – sort of like a caged tiger or something like that.

At times I can almost taste the spice breaking through and then the mellow oakiness takes back over. Not a bad cigar by any means. It’s medium-full bodied, has a good draw and an even burn. And, truthfully, this cigar is growing on me. It’s laid back flavor profile is endearing.


Overall, it is an enjoyable smoke. The flavors are more than adequate but there is not a lot of complexity with this Perdomo. I will say this: it is better than most of the Perdomos that I have smoked.

3.5 points

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