Want to Lose More Jobs? Ban Cigars

Seriously, it’s that simple. If your economy is getting a little overheated (and who’s isn’t?) and you need to apply the brakes a little to prevent a bubble from occurring then all you have to do is ban cigars. Just like the brilliant mayor of Orange County, Florida, the honorable Richard Crotty. Apparently without any […]

Anti-Smoking Marketing

It’s all about marketing.

Make people think that the very safety of children is at stake when they are around smoke and you win most of the war. Make people think that the very safety of children is at stake whenever they see a smoker and you have won the war. Seriously, who’s against the safety of children?

And this isn’t a cigarette v. cigar thing either. Just because there are extra things added into cigarettes do you think that the smoke-Nazis won’t come after cigars as well? Of course they will!

Here’s a little insight into the minds of the smoke-Nazi marketing campaign:

    That’s why so many health professionals are praising an article in the January issue of the journal Pediatrics. Authors of that study, from the Center for Child and Adolescent Health Policy at Massachusetts General Hospital and other health institutions, used the term “third-hand smoke.” And widespread attention to their work made “third-hand smoke” a part of the American vocabulary almost overnight.
    That opened the doors for all of us to talk about how to protect our families and friends — especially children, the elderly and the sick — from a potentially serious health risk.
    “It’s so valuable, the contribution of this term,” says Dr. Sumita Khatri, a pulmonologist at MetroHealth Medical Center who’s conducted research on air quality and asthma. “It just makes communication easier and faster.”

The smoke-Nazis think that “third hand” smoke is their silver bullet against us. They will use it to push for more regulations against cigar use and will use it to raise our taxes to ever greater heights.

SCHIP? That’s just a small step towards their ultimate goal of outlawing cigars. But, until they finally do reach that fateful moment when all the world’s children are safe from the menace that lingers on our clothes and in our hair for days after we smoke a cigar, they are content with taxing us as much as possible.

    The budget proposal that [Pennsylvania] Gov. Rendell unveiled earlier this month includes a 10-cents-per-pack tax hike on cigarettes — up to $1.45 per pack — along with first-time taxes on cigars and smokeless tobacco.


The campaign to eradicate cigar smokers is based on half truths and marketing. Whenever the studies fail to scare voters enough they find terms, like “third hand smoke”, that will do the job scaring voters. Do we really want to lose our right to smoke cigars because the other side has better marketers than we do?

Maryland Cigar Smokers Fight Back

A couple of weeks ago I covered how Dallas was contemplating a new law that would outlaw the sale of single cigars so as to prevent the youths from hallowing them out and stuffing them with pot. Supposedly, if you outlaw the sale of single cigars (they want retailers to sell five packs, at least) then the cost will be prohibitive for high teens. Of course, this is ridiculous and is only meant to make it tougher for cigar smokers to get their hands on stogies.

Fortunately, a hearty few in Maryland are fighting back. From the Washington Post:

A cigar wholesaler, several retailers and a cigar enthusiast have filed suit against Prince George’s County, arguing that the county overstepped its legal authority when it adopted a ban on the sale of cigars in packages of less than five.

The County Council passed a bill in November that classified cigars in certain instances as drug paraphernalia and banned the sale of single cigars. The legislation, signed by County Executive Jack B. Johnson (D), was intended to curb the use of blunts, cigars hollowed out and filled with marijuana. The county was the first jurisdiction in the country to pass such legislation.

Tougher Smoking Restrictions in Dallas

If you live in Dallas and frequent a bar that allows you to smoke your favorite cigar you might need to start looking for a new place to light up. Dallas has passed a new regulation that forbids the smoking of tobacco products in establishments that do not at least get 15% of their gross revenue from tobacco sales meant to be smoked on location.

Dallas’ newly expanded smoking ordinance, which city officials will begin enforcing April 10, will allow smoking in bars only if they generate at least 15 percent of their gross revenue from the “sale or rental of tobacco, tobacco products, smoking implements, or smoking accessories for on-premises consumption.” That percentage had to exist as of last Wednesday.

Cigar bars exempt as Dallas expands smoking ordinance, but not all meet criteria – The Dallas Morning News

As a Cigar Smoker You are Hated

Here’s the last line from a story from the [Long Beach, CA] Press-Telegram:

Cigars may be legal, but just barely, and they should remain so only if they don’t intrude on our personal space.

A break for smokers – Press Telegram

This story doesn’t have a byline so there’s no way I can tell who wrote it but I can tell that this person is a coward.

“Ewww! I can’t stand that cigar smoke, get it away you mean, dirty man you. GET IT AWAY!!!!” this guy is saying in a weak, effeminate voice, of course.