How Can Two of the Same Cigars be So Different?

Last night I smoked a Partagas Black. It was just plain awful and I know that it can be such a great cigar since I gave the Partagas Black Label Piramide 93 points. So, how can this happen?

Different Size

Maybe the difference in size had something to do with it. The one I gave a 93 to was a pyramid and the one I smoked last night was a toro. The pyramid has a larger ring gauge and, maybe since it’s more difficult to roll, it might have had a better roller.

Normal Variation

Cigar making isn’t a science, it’s an art. There are going to be differences between cigars even if they are from the same line and are the same size. Different rollers, maybe a slightly different blend, a longer or shorter amount of time in the humidor, or maybe the flavors of the other cigars in my humidor could have rubbed off on the Partagas the wrong way. Cigar making isn’t a six sigma process, after all.

Wrong Drinks

Normally, I have Wild Turkey and a Cherry Coke with my cigars. For my cigar last night I had Maker’s Mark and a glass bottle of Coke. While I don’t think this accounts for the major difference between the two cigars, it might have had a negative affect on the cigar last night.


I have to smoke outside and sometimes that is a pain because it can get quite cold, even in Southern California. Last night it was especially cold. And when it gets cold I don’t enjoy myself as much. But again, I don’t think that can account for the major difference between the two cigars.

Are there any other reasons why two of the same cigars could be so different? And, if you are curious, I will have the review for the bad Partagas up tomorrow.

Don’t Smoke a Great Cigar if…

We all love smoking cigars. Some of us smoke a few a day while others smoke a cigar only once in a while. Wherever you are in this spectrum there are sometimes when you should just re-holster your cigar and wait for a better time to light up.

This article all comes from my own personal experiences. Each time I tried to smoke a cigar in these situations I immediately regretted it. So be a wise soul and learn from my mistakes and don’t smoke a treasured stick when the stars aren’t aligning for you.

And, by all means, if you have any examples yourself, share them with the rest of us. Cigars are supposed to be enjoyed so there is almost nothing worse than picking the wrong time, place, or circumstances to smoke a cigar you have been coveting for months.

Trust me on this one.

When to Smoke a Fine Cigar

When should you smoke a great cigar?

This really is not that tough of a question but failing to pick the right time to smoke that cigar you have been storing for a year could ruin the whole experience. I’ve done that before and losing out on a great cigar experience is a horrible thing.

But don’t fear! I have come up with a few quick and easy rules. Follow these rules and you will always pick just the right time for smoking your favorite cigars. Enjoy!