The Case for Cigar Lounges

I just got done reading this impassioned plea for… No, that’s not right. I just got done reading this inane plea for continuing to outlaw cigar lounges in the state of Washington (HERE). It’s written by a couple of guys who serve on Boards of Health for their respective counties, so you can guess at […]

Want to Lose More Jobs? Ban Cigars

Seriously, it’s that simple. If your economy is getting a little overheated (and who’s isn’t?) and you need to apply the brakes a little to prevent a bubble from occurring then all you have to do is ban cigars. Just like the brilliant mayor of Orange County, Florida, the honorable Richard Crotty. Apparently without any […]

World’s Longest Cigar

A Floridian created the world’s longest cigar last Saturday when he built a cigar measuring over 180 feet. Now, I’m sure some of you are saying that this is a pointless endeavor and that this guy should be worried about more important things; like creating tasty cigars in a more manageable vitola.

You scoffers are obviously overlooking the buzz this guy is creating for his brand, which means more sales for this guy. You would also be missing the point that it’s just cool doing something like this. After all, if you can’t be the best, you might as well be the longest.

From the story:

“We still here and we still making big things,” said Wallace Reyes, the man who hand-rolls cigars at the Ybor City Museum almost every day, and the man behind the world record attempt. “So why not bring the worlds longest cigar to the cigar capital of the world?”

Over the past few weeks, Mr. Reyes rolled super-long cigars sections in preparation for Saturday’s record attempt.


On Saturday morning, the sections were joined over a several hour period and the final adjudication was made later that day.

Before the announcement, Reyes said, “We’re gonna have a brand new record!”

Fortunately, his hard work paid off, and the record was his.

And if you are one of those people who do not believe everything you read then here is video proof!

That is one BIG cigar!