Carlos Toraño Casa Toraño Maduro Cigar Review

The cigars for this review were provided by Thompson Cigar; as always, all reviews are my own As you may know, I studied Spanish in high school for three years so I’m pretty good at it now and that is why I know “Casa” means “home.” I think. Well, that’s not really important. Or maybe […]

Carlos Torano Casa Torano Cigar Review

From the Torano website:

Casa Toraño appeals to all the senses. The Ecuadorian-Connecticut wrapper is delicate, silky, and smooth. The binder is especially selected from the Toraño farms in the hills of Nicaragua; and the filler is a combination of Honduran, Nicaraguan, and a family blend of Central and South American tobaccos. Originally the Toraño´s private family blend, the Casa Toraño was made available to the smoking public and has received an enthusiastic reception.

Honestly, I am looking forward to a treat with this cigar. If it really started out as the “family blend” then this must be something that is truly astonishing. Or, what they consider to be a good cigar differs from what I think is a good cigar. I hope that is not the case.

Anyway, the wrapper is light but I do have to say that it is rather veiny. Furthermore, the foot seems a little misshapen. Finally, there is a soft feel to the cigar. Other than that, all is well.

Cigar Stats
Length: 6 1/4″
Ring Gauge: 50
Wrapper: Ecuador (Connecticut)
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua
Price: Box 25 – $128 | Single – $6.35

Lost Flame!

Creamy cigar smoke leads to a couple of strong flavors. First of all, there is a strong grassy flavor. No, scratch that, it’s more like bitter, leafy greens. Beyond that there are some cherry and oak flavors. It really is an intriguing mix of flavors that I’m not altogether convinced tastes all that great.

And then after the burn line crosses the one inch mark the flavors begin working in harmony. I guess since it is such a complex cigar that it takes a little while for the metaphorical engine to warm up but oh am I glad that it has warmed up.

Oddly enough, the flavors aren’t usually what I would go for. I like my cigars spicier than this one is. I also like leather and meat, neither of which is in this cigar. Even though the flavors present aren’t my normal cup o’ tea I find myself really enjoying this stogie.

In addition to the multitude of flavors I have already mentioned there is a milky flavor. It’s not as rich as cream but it’s definitely whole milk.

It burns well, the draw is great and it is a mild bodied cigar. Couple this with the great flavors and it’s a real treat of a cigar. Can’t say that I’m going to go back to it all that often but it is undeniably a great cigar.

91 points

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Another view from Cigar Jack

Carlos Toraño Signature Collection Short Cigar Review


The Carlos Toraño Signature Collection features a sun grown Brazilian maduro wrapper, a Connecticut broadleaf binder and the rest of the tobacco is Cuban-seed ligero from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Very good looking cigar with tons of oil. This cigar is truly a fine piece of craftsmanship. I am smoking the toro vitola (6″ x 50) for this review and it retails for a little more than $7.00 a stick.


Earth and cocoa are the first flavors I get. Most of the flavor is evident in my mouth and not when I exhale out my nose, which is different than my normal experiences with most cigars.

There is an almost tart flavor on the tip of my tongue. The burn is basically even, the draw is good and this is turning into a tasty medium bodied cigar. The flavors are moderately above average.

Sweetness is apparent in the immediate aftertaste associated with the cocoa and then fades. On a side note, the cocoa becomes watered down.


If I had to teach the “law of diminishing returns” I would have my pupils smoke this cigar. It starts out as a solid example of earth and cocoa. But then it progressively got weaker. Still, at its low point, it is a decent cigar. For the most part… I liked it.

3 points

Carlos Toraño Reserva Selecta Cigar Review

From Carlos Toraño’s website:

Lovingly and painstakingly developed by Carlos Toraño, the Reserva Selecta is crafted much like a vintage estate wine,with the most refined tobacco grown in the lush Esteli Valley in Nicaragua and the Valley of Jamastran in Honduras. Packed with soft cool smoke, the Reserva Selecta is mild- to medium bodied with notes of sweet cream and cedar. All cigars are wrapped in cedar and encased in crystal tubes to preserve freshness. Packed in boxes of 20 or 5-count gift boxes, all tobaccos are aged three to five years.

The wrapper is very light and it has a light sheen of oils. It is packed nicely and the construction is above average. The veins that are there are not very pronounced and the discolorations are minor.

Cigar Stats
Length: 6 1/4″
Ring Gauge: 52
Wrapper: Connecticut Shade
Binder: Indonesian
Filler: Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua
Price: $10.20

Hero Torch!

The first flavor that hits me is, obviously, wood. I don’t think I would describe it as cedar but, rather, spruce or a Christmas tree. That is the flavor I get when I exhale out my nose. When I inhale the flavor is more akin to a forest fire. To be fair, it is not that bad, it’s more like the aftermath of a forest fire, charred wood. It’s not totally un-enjoyable but it isn’t exactly a plus either.

Between the one and two inch mark that charred wood flavor migrates from being a minor annoyance to being a pain. The charred wood gets stronger and does start to take away from the rich wood flavor, which I still get on the exhale. A couple other flavors that are barely perceptible are vanilla and peppermint.

A weak ash, an uneven burn and a good draw sum up the fundamentals of the Carlos Toraño Reserva Selecta Torpedo. Any good thoughts about this cigar I had before I lit it were snuffed out by that harsh, charred wood flavor. It’s a mild bodied cigar that has a lot of promise. It would have been a very good cigar if not for that harshness. Too bad.

84 points

Carlos Toraño Exodus 1959 Cigar Review

If you don’t understand the significance of 1959 to cigar makers then read this from the Toraño website: “The Exodus 1959 commemorates the Exodus of expert Cuban cigar families and their impact on the cigar industry after the nationalization of all tobacco farms and cigar factories by the Cuban government in 1959. The Toraños were one of those families.” One last thing before I get into my review – this cigar was a Top 5 cigar for Cigar Aficionado in 2006.

The Exodus is a good looking cigar that has a slight box press and is coated with a good helping of oils. Even though it is not completely devoid of imperfections it’s look is well above average. It is nicely and evenly packed. I am smoking the Exodus Gold Double Corona for this review.

Oh, and before I start smoking this cigar, I need to thank my Twitter buddy, SentinelX, for suggesting this cigar. I think he saw that I didn’t like the Toraño Virtuoso and wanted to make sure I smoked a good one next. Thanks!

Cigar Stats
Double Corona
Length: 7″
Ring Gauge: 50
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua
Price: around $7.25

Scotch Fire!

My first impression of this cigar is that it is analogous to the Carlos Toraño 1916 Cameroon with a couple important distinctions. Vanilla is apparent but it is definitely a supporting player to spice and leather. The vanilla is reminiscent of vanilla wafers and the spice and leather, while they are the main flavors, are muted.

The draw is great and the burn is fairly even. It is a medium bodied cigar. After the halfway point the vanilla flavor almost completely disappear. The spice and leather flavors do become more lively, which is welcomed. An oak flavor also starts coming through after the halfway point.

It is a relatively smooth cigar with good flavors. Over the first half of the cigar the flavors were just there, sitting around. Then after the halfway point they have revved up. Leather has mostly disappeared with the spice, which is deep and soulful, has mostly taken over. The oak is mostly an accent flavor.

91 points