601 Green Band Short Cigar Review

Pre-Smoke: I just did a short cigar review for the blue labeled 601. I gave it three points because, even though it is an enjoyable cigar, it just lacked some of the oomph and the flavor that I was expecting from it. I am smoking the robusto vitola.

This cigar looks like a rather pedestrian cigar. Its a little soft with some bumps and it has a couple of pronounced veins. There isn’t much oil on the wrapper.

Smoke: Starts out with an unexpected oakiness and a very loose draw. There is also a grassy flavor to it and a burnt grain note that is quite nice. Medium-full bodied with a decent burn that requires a couple of touch ups.

After-Smoke: I was expecting a lot more richness from this cigar. Even though it has its moments this is an average cigar in my book. It is billed as a full bodied cigar, which it wasn’t. While it is not a cigar that I would shy away from smoking again it was a little disappointing based off of the expectations I had for it.

3 points