Baker’s Bourbon

Aged seven years and bottled at 107 proof this bourbon is a creation of some distant relative of Jim Beam. Fortunately for this distant relative, grand nephew (new one on me too) Baker (cool name) Beam (structural name), he has made something that is better, much better really, than his grand uncle’s namesake whiskey. But […]

My Birthday at The Cellar

It was a great night full of amazing food, out-of-this-world bourbon and surprisingly good cigars (I like Punch cigars but they just seemed significantly better Thursday night. I’m sure it had something to do with the setting.). Here is what I had at The Cellar:

    The Bourbon
    Evan Williams Single Barrel – The world’s only vintage-dated Single Barrel Bourbon and is one of the world’s most acclaimed whiskeys. The first American Whiskey ever to win The Spirit Journal’s Whiskey of the Year award.
    Elijah Craig 18 yr. old – The oldest Single Barrel Bourbon in the world at 18 years, Elijah Craig Single Barrel is a rare marvel of whiskey-making.
    Parker’s Heritage 27 yr. old – Simply one of the oldest bourbons on the market. This smooth spirit features silky and sweet nose with hints of caramel and vanilla. The taste is amazingly balanced and smooth…sweet without being too sweet…and dry without being too dry!
    The Cigars – Punch
    The original Punch cigar was created in 1840 by a Cuban cigar manufacturer named Manuel Lopez. In an effort to attract the British market, he named the cigar after Mr. Punch, the cantankerous half of the Punch and Judy puppet shows.
    Punch Champion Natural – bold, full-bodied taste with a wrapper that is Ecuadoran Sumatra. Filler: Honduran, Nicaraguan, Dominican (Piloto Cubano). Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf. 90 pts cigar insider.
    Punch Rare Corojo Magnum – these cigars are made with extra rich, dark Sumatra wrapper leaves that are grown in the mountains of Ecuador. Medium to full bodied. 92 pts cigar insider smooth, earthy, slightly sweet flavors of clay, charcoal, stewed meat, and raisins.
    Dinner – By Executive Chef David Kelser
    Seared Ahi Tuna served under a spicy Mango salsa and fresh micro greens
    Ratatouille veloute with Pesto croutons and crème fraiche
    Slow roasted Short Ribs over herbed Polenta and Shallot-Thyme Jus
    Chocolate-Espresso soup with Vanilla Ice cream, Fresh Berries and Pistachio crisp

I was lucky enough to have a man from Heaven Hill’s Distillery at my table – an entertaining fellow who I am extremely jealous of. Wouldn’t it be great to have a job selling such amazing libations as the ones we had? Of course it would!

My favorite cigar was the Punch Champion Natural. It’s a perfecto with a good amount of kick to it. My only regret is that I smoked it first because I am certain it would have mixed much better with the older bourbons. As far as regrets go this is but a pittance. The cigar definitely belongs in the 91-93 point range.

Everyone at the table was great. They were all extremely accomplished men and the stories and jokes they told were a lot of fun. Before I continue with my Saturday I need to thank my professor, John Jackson, for inviting me. That cigar dinner was a great way to cap off my birthday. Thanks JJ!

Where’s the Whiskey?

I was walking through the local grocery store today when I realized something: there is not a huge selection of bourbons, whiskeys, or scotches. There are some of the ones you would expect like Wild Turkey (thankfully), Jim Beam, Jack Daniel’s, and Dewar’s but beyond those big name brands there isn’t much selection. It’s actually a very puny selection.

But wine? The next aisle over has both sides dedicated to wine. My drink of choice gets half of one side of the aisle. That’s pathetic.

I am not writing this because I am a whiskey connoisseur because, quite frankly, due to my geographic location how could I be? Trader Joe’s has an acceptable wine selection. Sam’s Club and Costco have decent wine selections. But if you are looking for something stronger you are just out of luck.