Arturo Fuente King B Short Cigar Review

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I received this cigar from Thompson Cigar; all reviews are my own.

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun Grown Rosado   |   Binder: Dominican   |   Filler: Dominican   |   Box of 18: $118.23; Six Pack: $39.41  |   Torpedo   |   6″ x 55

0/3: I have had this cigar sitting in my humidor for about a year. Oily and slightly rough to the touch, the wrapper is marred by a couple of minor veins. These cigars come wrapped in a cedar sleeve with a black cloth band at the foot. It’s a beautiful cigar to look at and I’m hoping that the flavors are as good as the looks.

Arturo Fuente King B

1/3: Spice, light cedar, nuts and some other nice flavors. The burn gets a little ragged but is quickly corrected. Medium bodied.

2/3: Sweetness starts coming through during this third. Cedar and nuts are still major factors.

3/3: Chocolate comes along during the final third. The flavors seem a bit washed out but, underneath that, there’s a decent amount of flavor variety.

4/3: Medium bodied with a good draw and a decent burn; this cigar wasn’t as good as I had hoped. It had breadth of flavor but those flavors were average. Decent cigar.

3 out of 5 points – Good cigar

Arturo Fuente Solaris Cigar Review

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Full Disclosure: I received two of these cigars from Smoke Inn for this Review. All reviews are my own.

Smoke Inn has done a number of special releases from big name cigar companies including: Tatuaje, Padron (Maduro and Natural), My Father Cigars and now a special offering from the Fuentes. The band is the same as the Fuente’s Gran Reserva line but with the addition of a second band that says “SOLARIS.”

When I first heard the name I immediately thought of the most recent James Bond movie. Solaris is just one of those names that sounds high brow and cool but you don’t really know what it means, which might be a good thing in this situation. Why? Because the top search result on Google for the term “solaris” is for a computer operating system. The second? A sci-fi story.

Since most of you don’t care about cigar name rants I’m going to segue into the actual review now. Here’s what Smoke Inn has to say about this cigar:

For this Microblend installment Smoke Inn played no part in the creation of the size or blend. When Smoke Inn Proprietor Abe Dababneh approached the Fuente Family about making a Microblend, they decided this would be a perfect project for a small batch of cigars made over 6 years ago. Carlos Fuente Sr. had produced a small batch of belicoso cigars made from Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper that was uniquely light in its complexion. The cigars sat and aged for over six years. When smoked, we found the flavor mellow yet complex. One could definitely taste the quintessential Fuente flavor profile behind the elegantly aged smoke. Solaris will delight the palate of Fuente fans and collectors; especially those who like to age their cigars.

Oh, and there are only 5,500 of these cigars. That’s it. When that last stick is lit there will be no more of these.

This cigar has a mottled medium reddish brown wrapper with some veins. Not a very oily cigar and there are a couple of soft spots in the middle.

Cigar Stats
Vitola: torpedo
Length: 60″
Ring Gauge: 49
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun Grown
Binder: ????
Filler: ????
Price: $89.50/Box of 10 | $44.75/5 Pack

Barsoom Fire Bomb!

It starts out very woody and the texture is creamy. The woodiness is light and leaves a dry feeling on my tongue after each puff. A slight amount of spice begins to show up in my nostrils a few minutes after lighting this cigar up.

A little bit of nuttiness comes through during the second third. The woodiness does begin to take on a not-so-enjoyable burnt quality.

The final third is much like the second third. Overall, this is a good cigar. While there isn’t a ton of evolution or complexity to this cigar the flavors are, for the most part, enjoyable. It isn’t a cigar that is in my wheelhouse but for others who like mild-meduim bodied cigars it might be worth checking out. The draw and the burn were both excellent.

89 points

Arturo Fuente Cigar Review

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From Travis: I hope that everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. Today I am going to change things up a little bit and have Josh from Cigar Rants do a review. What follows is his review of the Arturo Fuente Spanish Lonsdale. Enjoy!

  • Ring Gauge: 6.5 x 42
  • Tobacco:
    • Wrapper: Connecticut Double Claro
    • Binder: Dominican Republic
    • Filler: Dominican Republic
  • Bought Sept. 2nd 2010
  • Smoked Morning of Sept. 3rd 2010
  • Price: ~$5.95 /stick
  • Beverage: None
  • Cut Method: Punch (about 1/4 of 1″ diameter)
  • Puff Rate (estimate): 1 – 3 puff approx every 20 seconds
  • Method of lighting: Cigar Matches
  • Smoke Time: 70 min (+ or -)

Initial Thoughts:

First off, hello! And thank you for allowing me to come onto your website and give you my rants on this great cigar. If you have any questions regarding this review or my story you can contact me here.

Arturo Fuentes has been making cigars since 1912.  They started off in Cuba but eventually, due to political events moved to the Dominican Republic. Today Arturo Fuentes’ Son and grandson run this huge operation which generates 30 million cigars a year.

Today I will be smoking the 6.5×42 Double Claro.  The Double Claro has a light green tint to it, this is perfectly normal. The Double Claro was a very popular cigar wrapper from the 1850’s all the way to the 1970’s. However, for one reason or another, it fell out of favor and now only a few manufactures still make it. The green hue comes from the aging process.  The Double Claro cigars are artificially heated.  This heating process traps Chlorophyll (the green part of leaves) thus causing the green hue.  Generally considered to be a very light smoke I’ve decided to take one on and let you know about it.

The good thing about Arturo Fuentes is the flavor consistency; generally speaking.  A. Fuentes does a great job making one stick in the same line taste just like the other. The Double Claro is no exception. I have smoked several of these sticks and have found them all to be consistent.  A look at this cigar, like I said before, shows a green wrapper leaf. The wrapper leaf is uniform green with only one minor defect (tear) noticeable. This small tear did not effect the smoking of the cigar. The cigar was smooth, even, and virtually without veins. The cap construction was near flawless and expertly made. In addition, the density was uniform and without soft spots.

The Smoke…

I used my trusty punch to open this cigar up. A cold draw produced no remarkable flavors.  However, the draw was even and smooth, with a medium pull. The draw would open up as the cigar burn line progressed. The first quarter was very light and marked with smooth wood and light spice on the retro-hale.  Flavors of hay were also present. The burn was even and would stay even throughout the smoke. The cigar’s ash was more or less firm and toward the medium end of brittle. The ash color was an off gray.  The cigar was aromatic with a very clean finish.

The second half the cigar does increase in strength a little bit. The cigar opens up and becomes more robust and flavorful. However, I would still judge this as a light bodied cigar with medium flavor. Hints of grass and vanilla also poke through the complexity that is cigar smoke.  I was able to smoke this entire cigar to the cap without issues. No harshness or bitterness became apparent. This is just a good light cigar perfect for those situations where all you want is a nice relaxing, not knocking you out, smoke. Plus it is always fun to smoke something exotic and new.  I bet you if you show up at your cigar lounge with a green cigar at least one person will be shocked — if not more.

The results are in!

It’s fun every once in awhile to smoke something different. This cigar fits the bill. This cigar, construction wise, smokes excellent. The Double Claro is not meant to be a strong cigar so that too was spot on. This is a perfect breakfast cigar. It’s flavorful in the right ways without being overpowering enough to upset an empty stomach. Furthermore, those who say that Double Claro’s are bland are misguided. A cigar wrapper does contribute about 40%-60% of the flavor (depending on who you ask) however, the other 60% to 40% is coming from the binder and filler. This cigar has regular Dominican filler and binder. It does have flavor. Also, you can taste the difference between the Double Claro vs. a Natural vs. a Maduro, etc.  It’s not that it is flavorless it’s just unique and different. My recommendation is to try one I think  you will like it.

Cigar Rant’s Rating: Very Good

Arturo Fuente Rothschild Natural Cigar Review

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Over the weekend I did reviews for the Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente with both the Sun Grown and Natural wrappers. The one with the natural (Cameroon) wrapper scored 87 points and the sun grown (Ecuador) wrapped cigar scored a low 84 points. I have no compunction to smoke the sun grown one again and there really isn’t any immediate need to go out and pick up the natural one either. Maybe the Rothschild, which is the same size as the two I have mentioned, will be better.

It has a different wrapper than the Chateau Fuente Natural, with this one having a Connecticut Shade and the Chateau Fuente having Cameroon (hat tip cigar family guy for the clarification), and the blend is different as well. The Rothschild is less spicy, which isn’t exactly a good omen for me.

The Arturo Fuente Rothschild Natural is a good looking cigar, well-made. A couple of raised veins and a firm packing being the only negatives I can find. The wrapper has a good coating of oils on it.

Cigar Stats
Length: 4 1/2″
Ring Gauge: 50
Wrapper: Connecticut Shade
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Price: $4.40

Charm Flame!

Sure enough, it starts out milder than the Chateau Fuente Natural and Sun Grown. With that being said, the difference amongst the strengths is not too great with all of them being, basically, medium bodied. And, even though it is the weakest (strength-wise) of the bunch I have to admit that I am liking this one the most at this early stage (less than an inch in).

There is some complexity with this one. Rich, sweet wood notes (oak) along with some spice that I get mostly on my lips and the tip of my tongue. After 1 1/4″ a charcoal flavor starts coming through. There was something similar to that flavor in the other two cigars but this time this flavor is neutral if not a positive.

The draw is very good and the burn is even; no touch ups necessary. It looks like third time really is the charm. While I cannot say that this is a 90+ cigar it is very good. Either 88 or 89 points, not completely sure yet (almost to the nub now).

What I really like about this cigar is that the flavors are pretty strong and clean. The charcoal flavor, which could easily be a negative with most cigars, is actually pretty good with this one. I enjoyed it.

88 points

Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente Sun Grown Cigar Review

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Yesterday, I did a review for this cigar with the natural wrapper and the green band that holds the cedar sheath. To cut a long story short, I did not really care for that cigar and I rated it at 87 points. The flavors were all fine but the cigar just lacked life, complexity and most everything else that makes a cigar truly enjoyable. But maybe with a different wrapper this cigar will be better – maybe an Ecuadorian sun grown wrapper will do the trick.

I effortlessly slide off the cedar sheath, with the black band this time, and a well constructed cigar is revealed. It’s definitely darker than the other one, maybe a little bit more oil and packed tighter but not too tight. I can smell something sweet from the foot of this cigar. Let’s see if it’s better than the other one or not.

Cigar Stats
Length: 4 1/2″
Ring Gauge: 50
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun Grown
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Price: $4.55

Echo Torch!

I smelled sweetness from the foot and now I can taste it. There’s also a coffee flavor that has a good helping of cream added in. Unfortunately, there is a pervasive burnt blandness that sticks around as the main aftertaste. Fortunately, that negative flavor is relegated to the bottom half of my olfactory system. The flavors I get through the nose are good.

During the first half an inch or so the flavors I mentioned are the main ones. After that point a dirty earthy flavor comes on stronger and I actually like it. It gives the cigar some interest. Surprisingly, at about this same time that burnt blandness has begun to fade into the background, almost disappearing but not quite gone.

The Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente Sun Grown is a medium bodied cigar with a slightly erratic burn and a good draw. That negative flavor of burnt blandness has come back for the last third of the cigar, which is too bad. I was enjoying this cigar, somewhat. With the negative flavor this cigar falls precipitously in my estimation. Without the problematic flavor this cigar is one or two points better than the natural wrapper (which scored 87 points) version of this cigar but, with the negative flavor, the sun grown wrapper version of this cigar is at least two points worse.

It has its ups and downs. However, its highest highs are not very impressive. Couple that with the lows and this cigar can be avoided. The natural wrapper wins!

84 points

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