Arturo Fuente Cuban Corona Cigar Review

Good looking cigar save for a large vein near the cap. Tons of oils on the wrapper. The cigar tapers down from the foot to the cap and I’ve got to say that the cap looks a little weird. But, since I’m going to be cutting it off shortly, I’ll let it slide. I should also note that I’m smoking the cigar with the natural wrapper, not the maduro version.

Cigar Stats
Corona Extra
Length: 5 1/4″
Ring Gauge: 45
Wrapper: Cameroon
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Price: $5.50

Baseball Light!

Great draw with an even burn. The two initial flavors are earthiness and roasted nuts. There’s also a subtle spice that lingers on the tongue. I’m going to peg this as a medium-full bodied cigar.

The spice is slowly becoming a bigger part of the flavor profile for this cigar, which is nice. No poor notes to mention whatsoever. The previously mentioned roasted nuts reminds me of almonds. When I inhale this cigar it comes in spicy and then when I exhale out of my nose it is nutty. The earthiness is a tertiary flavor at best. It’s a very good cigar.

I started out smoking Fuentes and, for the most part, they are solid cigars. And so is this one. While they do have high-end lines that are much better than the Gran Reserva line that I am smoking right now the Gran Reserva is good for its price.

Two-thirds of the way through this cigar and the nuttiness has almost completely dissipated. The spice has taken over where the nutty flavor left off; both when I inhale and when I exhale out my nose there is spice. That nutty flavor is present in the aftertaste, but barely. The earthiness is gone.

Even though it’s not possible to claim that this is one of the best cigars out there, it is solid. While the flavors are tasty they are not all that provocative and this isn’t an extremely complex cigar. It smokes well though and is worth smoking again.

90 points