Alec Bradley Maxx Short Cigar Review


Oily and without any noticeable imperfections. It is tightly packed. I am smoking the Alec Bradley Maxx Fix (5×58) for this review. This cigar costs $5.00. The wrapper is Nicaraguan Habano, the binder is from Costa Rica and the filler is a combination of tobacco from Nicaragua, Mexico, Honduras and Columbia.


Chocolate and earthy flavors are what you are going to get from this cigar. Unfortunately, those flavors are not that strong but they are relatively pure, which is a good thing. Medium bodied cigar with a slightly tight draw and a (surprisingly) even burn. There is a mild sweetness that makes an appearance after the one inch mark.


It is a nice, easygoing, albeit boring, cigar. The flavors are fine but there is absolutely no excitement with this cigar. It’s just… there. Soulless smoke rolling around like a wounded dog.

2 points