Cuvee Rouge Robusto – Cigar Review

Cigar Stats:
Length: 5
Ring Gauge: 50
Wrapper: Dominican Republic
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic

Go to the Cuvee Cigars site and you’ll get a flash-enabled bonanza of information about these cigars. Be forewarned, there is a long intro and the whole site is very, how should I say this, involved. But just because the site is really, really involved doesn’t mean it isn’t full of great information.

An example of this is how they describe the tobaccos used in their cigars. For the Cuvee Rouge they say it has Criollo 98 Dominicano tobacco as part of the filler tobacco. I have no clue what that means but I like knowing the information nonetheless – don’t you?

Enough! Onto the cigar review.

Very good looking robusto. It has a ton of oils and the wrapper has a medium darkness to it (it is a sun grown tobacco). I am pretty sure that I liked these cigars in the past so I am very hopeful for this one as well.

Double Flame!

The draw is great and there is a lot of smoke. Nice. There’s some kind of cocoa taste to it, not overpowering though. It’s also a unique flavor that I haven’t come across all that often before. To tell you the truth I really start getting that cocoa flavor when I blow smoke out through my nose.

There’s a rich, chocolate aftertaste for this cigar which I can really taste on my tongue. Overall, this is a rich and creamy textured cigar. And you get all of this from a mild-medium bodied cigar. Amazing!

Most weaker cigars get overpowered by my Wild Turkey. Basically, I think this is a result of most mildish cigars just being dull and not worth smoking anyways. However, this Cuvee Rouge cigar is standing up very nicely to my drink and the burn is very even as well.

Even though I do think that this is a great cigar I still feel like there is something missing that would bump it up to another level. There is no spice with this cigar. There is no kick. There’s nothing about this cigar that I will absolutely crave for in the future.

It is a great cigar nonetheless. It is a dependable cigar with some good flavors. But it’s sort of like the cigar equivalent of my Mom’s Honda Accord. Sure, it’s great in every way that matters but, like my Mom’s Honda Accord, it just doesn’t have that something extra special.

As I look at my tasting notes now I see that I said that this is a dessert cigar. And while all the flavors are some derivative of cocoa I’m not sure, looking back on it now, that this is a totally apt description. I mean just because the flavors are cocoa with some chocolaty notes doesn’t mean it’s a dessert cigar. But that’s what I put in my notes so that is what I’m going with right now.

And even if you want to define this cigar as a “dessert” cigar and relegate it to that category of cigardom I could care less. It is a great cigar. This cigar has an effortless grace to it because it does the important things (great draw, burns evenly, good mix of flavors) better than most other cigars.

I would rather drive my Mom’s Accord or smoke this cigar than drive or smoke something that is only occasionally great. So even though this cigar isn’t classically a great cigar in my book it is undeniably a great cigar by any rational measurement.

92 points

Leon Jimenes Belicoso Maduro – Cigar Review

Cigar Stats —
Length: 6.25 —
Ring Gauge: 52 —
Wrapper: Brazil, Cameroon, USA/Connecticut —
Binder: Dominican Republic —
Filler: Dominican Republic —
Price:$5.50 — Dark torpedo with some white spots on it (not my fault, I just got this cigar!). While it is rough to the touch there are a lot of oils on it. It smells like it’s going to be a strong cigar but, knowing these cigars, it won’t be. There are some minor problems with the construction.

God of Fire Come Forth!

Arturo Fuente Churchill – Cigar Review

Cigar Stats

Length: 7.2″
Ring Gauge: 48
Wrapper: Dominican Cameroon
Approximate Price: $7.00

I am not sure if reading certain parts of War and Peace is a good idea before smoking a cigar. Reading about the deaths of half, HALF!, the Russian and French armies at Boradino doesn’t really get me in the mood to enjoy a fine cigar. Oh well, I soldier on!

I love these cigars. They are my favorite and this is the only cigar I have bought a whole box of. It isn’t the best cigar ever, I’ve smoked better ones. But there is just something about it that I love. And they do score well, each time I have smoked one I have given them a score of 88 to 91. Not too shabby.

Now onto this cigar. It has a hole in the wrapper! And the foot seems a little poorly constructed too. The cigar isn’t really oily but it’s got enough oils on it. I’m sure it is fine. The rest of the cigar looks good and delicious. I hope that looks aren’t deceiving for this cigar.

Hope’s Flame!

Just lit this cigar and I am a little worried about it. The draw is tight and the burn is uneven.

Whew! After about a half inch this ship gets righted. There is now tons of smoke and a good helping of spice. Like all the cigars from Fuente’s Gran Reserva line this is a borderline full bodied cigar. Just perfect if you ask me. It has well balanced flavors and is a smooth smoke.

This cigar has been in my humidor for nearly a year now. It’s one of the last from the box. I wouldn’t wait so long the next time I get some of these cigars but I think I have another few months before the flavors really start to die in these cigars. Basically, smoke them before eighteen months is up.

Halfway through the cigar does mellow out. Probably as a result of its aging in the humidor for a year. Great flavors. I already mentioned spice but there is also some leathery notes and a strong earthiness to this cigar. It is a warm, maybe even dry smoke.

Loved it.

90 points

La Aurora 100 Anos Belicoso – Cigar Review

What can I say about La Aurora? Well, one thing I can comfortably say about them is that they consistently make some of the greatest cigars in the world. One of their best examples comes in their 100 (cien) Anos line.

I recently had the Belicoso, which is a figurado, and it was awesome. There were a couple of great flavors for this very smooth, full bodied smoke. Toast, sweetness and even some white wine near the end of it.

A great cigar that is worth a try no matter what your normal tastes are for.

Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente Maduro – Cigar Review

The Stats:

Length: 4.5′
Ring Gauge: 50
Approximate Price: $5.50
Wrapper: Dominican maduro

Arturo Fuente cigars hold a special place for me since the first cigar I smoked was a Fuente. But that’s another story for another day, let’s focus on this cigar!

The top half of the cigar is wrapped in a thin sheet of cedar. I don’t think there’s any purpose to this other than that they think it looks good and maybe some people do think it looks good. I think it looks ridiculous. The only reason I say this is because the cedar obscures a perfectly constructed cigar underneath. It’s a very dark and oily cigar and I cannot wait to light this baby up.

The Light!

It’s unlike any cigar I have ever smoked before! Loads of spice with a very deep earthiness to it. There is also a bit of sweetness with this one, which is normal for maduro cigars. There isn’t much sweetness to it but it is there, just barely – thank God.

Even though I don’t like sweet cigars, a little bit can add to the complexity of the cigar and it can actually accentuate the good flavors of the cigar.

One minor problem with this cigar is that the burn isn’t perfect. The draw is absolutely great, the flavors are wonderful, and there is tons of smoke coming out of it so a little burning problem with the cigar isn’t that big of a deal. Seriously, this cigar does have an absolutely perfect draw.

To top it all off, the spiciness is sticking around and maybe even becoming a bit stronger. It’s a little bombshell of a cigar!

Even though this definitely is a full bodied cigar, it is also a very smooth cigar. Unfortunately, the burn is just getting worse. I can no longer ignore it. Every few minutes I have to touch it up… but this cigar is just so good. Maybe I can look past that uneven burn problem.

The deep, smoky spice and the rich earthiness never dissipates. It is a jewel of a cigar even with the uneven burn. Yeah, it’s a small cigar but it is very mighty.

It’s an absolutely wonderful cigar. Without the uneven burn I would have definitely given it a 95, maybe even a 96. But since the burn was uneven…

94 points