Bolivar Toro Cigar Review

This is a fairly dark cigar. It has a good amount of oils and bumps. Other than the bumps this seems like a well made cigar. For this cigar I am drinking some Makers Mark with some water.

Cigar Stats
Length: 6″
Ring Gauge: 52
Wrapper: Honduras
Binder: USA/Connecticut
Filler: Dom Rep, Nicaragua
Price: $6.00

2009 Light!

Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet Churchill – Cigar Review

[Editor’s Note: type in and you get redirected to’s website. Does this mean that owns the brand? I don’t know.]

Cigar Stats
Length: 7″
Ring Gauge: 47
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder & Filler: Nicaragua and Honduras
Approximate Price: $5.75

Decent construction – there are a couple of stretch marks on the cigar which makes me worry about how well the cigar will draw because, if a cigar is rolled too tightly there is an increased chance that the draw will be tight. There are also some raised veins and the color of the cigar is medium brown.

Da Flame!

5 Vegas Miami Churchill – Cigar Review

Cigar Stats
Length: 7″
Ring Gauge: 48
Wrapper: Nicaragua (corojo)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua, Dom. Rep.
Approximate Price: $9.00

Alright, this is a fairly expensive cigar so it better be good!

Looks like a very well made cigar and it has a good amount of oils. There really isn’t anything not to like about the way this thing looks. Perfect.


Full disclosure: Usually I drink Wild Turkey and a Cherry Coke when I smoke a cigar. Tonight, I am drinking a Ricardo’s Red Rocket Ale from Bear Republic. I went to BevMo looking to see how large their selection of whiskey is nowadays, which is paltry, and bought a six pack of Bear Republic beer. The flavors of this beer are fairly strong (supposedly it got 95 points from some group though).

Now onto the cigar!