601 La Bomba Cigar Review

Yes, I love the name of this cigar. The packaging is pretty nice too; they have cheekily put a little bomb where the “0” would normally be in “601.” But who cares about all of that? If the band, which is just a form of marketing after all, is eye catching enough it will get […]

Baker’s Bourbon

Aged seven years and bottled at 107 proof this bourbon is a creation of some distant relative of Jim Beam. Fortunately for this distant relative, grand nephew (new one on me too) Baker (cool name) Beam (structural name), he has made something that is better, much better really, than his grand uncle’s namesake whiskey. But […]

601 Black Band Short Cigar Review


Solid to the touch, looks wonderful, feels oily and a bit fuzzy. The 601 Black Band line features an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and the binder hails from Nicaragua. For this review I am smoking the robusto (5″ x 50) vitola (there are a total of five vitolas in this line including the “Rabito” – funny name). The robusto will cost you around $7.50 per stick.


The draw requires the faintest of tugs to get a mouthful of smoke. In addition to the great draw the burn is also very even. This is a medium bodied cigar.

Cherry and oak are the first two flavors noticeable. It’s almost like a cherry tinged oak flavor – to be more precise. Smokiness is the other major flavor.


The 601 Black Band is a nice, easygoing cigar that was quite enjoyable. While it doesn’t offer a load of flavor the flavors that are present are very good.

3.5 points

601 Green Band Short Cigar Review

Pre-Smoke: I just did a short cigar review for the blue labeled 601. I gave it three points because, even though it is an enjoyable cigar, it just lacked some of the oomph and the flavor that I was expecting from it. I am smoking the robusto vitola.

This cigar looks like a rather pedestrian cigar. Its a little soft with some bumps and it has a couple of pronounced veins. There isn’t much oil on the wrapper.

Smoke: Starts out with an unexpected oakiness and a very loose draw. There is also a grassy flavor to it and a burnt grain note that is quite nice. Medium-full bodied with a decent burn that requires a couple of touch ups.

After-Smoke: I was expecting a lot more richness from this cigar. Even though it has its moments this is an average cigar in my book. It is billed as a full bodied cigar, which it wasn’t. While it is not a cigar that I would shy away from smoking again it was a little disappointing based off of the expectations I had for it.

3 points

601 Blue Band Short Cigar Review

Pre-Smoke: If Don Pepin Garcia makes a cigar then it is worth a try or two. The wrapper and the construction are both perfect with the wrapper having some oils. There is a slight box press for this cigar.

Smoke: Sweetness is the first thing that pops into my mind and then it pops back out. There’s some spice and leathery flavors along with some toasty flavors. It is a medium-full bodied cigar with a slightly tight draw and a decent burn.

After-Smoke: It’s a good cigar. The flavors are above average and there is some complexity to it.

601 Website

3 points