Liga Privada T52 Flying Pig Short Cigar Review

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Wrapper: Stalk-cut Habano Connecticut    |   Binder: Brazilian Mata Fina   |   Filler: Nicaraguan, Dominican & Honduran   |   Box of 12: $144.90; Single: $16.10  |   Perfecto   |   4.125″ x 60

Liga Privada T52 image

Liga Privada T52 Flying Pig (click on picture for more info from Drew Estate)

0/3: I received this cigar as a Christmas gift from a friend named Danny (Danny was gracious enough to do reviews for the Declaration by Jameson and the Sencillo Short Churchill a while back and those reviews are definitely worth checking out) almost two years ago and I have been anxiously waiting for the perfect time to smoke this cigar. However, the longer I thought about what that perfect time actually was I realized that the “perfect time” for what is by all accounts a great cigar would be a time when I can just sit down and enjoy it.

If you haven’t seen one of these cigars then all you have to do is think of what a cigar would look like if it were a pig. It’s short and stout and the foot terminates in a snout. Also, there’s a pigtail. This cigar has a ton of oil on it, it just glistens in the light. The wrapper does have a somewhat rough texture to it but the overall feel of the cigar is that it is an extremely well made cigar with just a bit of give to it when I pinch it. Now, I’ll warn you, I’ve been looking forward to lighting this cigar up so that might color my review but I’ll try to not let that happen.

Another reason why I am looking forward to smoking this cigar is because I have absolutely loved other T52 vitolas in the past, giving one a score of 94 points and I even made it my third favorite cigar of 2011.

1/3: It’s starting out as an extremely slow burning cigar, which is nice because if it were going fast then I wouldn’t get to savor this cigar. Savoring is something you need to do with this cigar that features chocolate, earth and a whole host of dark flavors that mingle well together. There is a nice helping of spice that serves as a superb accent flavor.

2/3: I didn’t think it was possible but the flavors are improving as they are working even better together now. I like the lively interplay between the spice and the chocolate especially. There’s also some meatiness there and I think I’m catching some mint in the background.

3/3: The final third was pretty close to the second third and that is fine by me because it was absolutely delicious.

4/3: Full bodied with a good draw and a decent burn that required a few touch ups; the Liga Privada T52 Flying Pig is an absolutely amazing cigar. It has all the power and substance of the rest of the T52 but in a concentrated form that never relents. Perhaps this cigar isn’t for most beginners but there’s just so much goodness going on here that I would hate for anyone to miss out on experiencing this cigar because they were trepidatious about the strength of this cigar.

5 out of 5 points – If you find these cigars then you should buy a couple, they may be expensive but they are definitely worth the price

Padrón Serie 1926 80 Years Maduro Short Cigar Review

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Wrapper: Nicaragua   |   Binder: Nicaragua   |   Filler: Nicaragua   |   Box of 8: $250.00 | Single: $31.00   |   Perfecto   |   6 ¾″ x 54

0/3: That price for a stick is misleading. I paid about $40 for this one at a local B&M and I’d bet that there are places around the country that charge more than that for one of these special edition Padrons. But that’s the way it works, right? When you limit production and create scarcity the prices will necessarily rise; this only happens if the cigar is good, of course.

It is a beautiful cigar to look at. The perfecto shape is one that I particularly like in a cigar because they look special and I have had a lot of luck with this vitola. It has a box press and the wrapper is toothy. There are no raised veins and the wrapper has a chalky, dark brown color.

1/3: After lighting this cigar I am immediately hit by just how much is going on. Bold spice with a light complexion starts off but then fades some during the first third. Rich earthiness with some chocolate takes over. Sweet mint note as well.

2/3: Very complex flavor profile with an above average level of evolution. It has gone from strong yet balanced spice to deep earth and chocolate and now, during this middle third, leather and acute beef notes. A dash of sweetness is lurking in the background like a scared kid at a playground where a bunch of older kids are playing but even with that tertiary role the sweetness does provide some balance to this cigar.

3/3: The flavor profile becomes a bit drier during the last third. A little bit of spice coupled with a faint woody note. It’s an interesting ending that I’m not quite sure was as excellent as the first two thirds of this cigar. Still good, just not as excellent.

4/3: It is a great cigar and a worthy tribute to Jorge Padron. Medium-full bodied with nary a moment of rest for the flavors. The burn and draw were both perfect. This is a special cigar and I cannot imagine many cigars being better.

5 points

PS: For an alternative opinion check out this.

Camacho Triple Maduro Short Cigar Review

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Like everything that Camacho makes, it looks good. No discernible imperfections and it is evenly packed. I am smoking the 50/4.5 vitola for this review. What makes this cigar different from most other cigars is that it uses maduro tobacco for the wrapper, binder and the filler. Take a look at the Camacho Triple Maduro page.


It starts out really spicy and then things settle down. Spice, wood, some sweetness, earthiness and cocoa all blend wonderfully together. It’s a full bodied cigar that has a great draw and an even burn.


I had smoked a couple of these before and I have a couple more in my humidor, so I’ll be doing a complete review of this cigar in the next couple of months. Based off of what I have already experienced from this cigar I can safely say that it is awesome. The Camacho Triple Maduro has tons of flavor, a lot of strength, and its fundamentals are spot on. If you can, pick up some of these.

5 points

Price: $11.50

Camacho Coyolar Short Cigar Review

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Pre-Smoke: It’s a Camacho. Need I say more?

It’s oily and the wrapper looks perfect. Dark wrapper with no raised veins or imperfections. The only minor problem is that it feels a little soft near the foot of the cigar.

What, you may be thinking, does Coyolar mean? In short, it’s the name of the farm where all the tobacco for this line of cigars is grown. The Coyolar farm is located in Honduras. I am smoking the Rothschild (robusto) vitola.

Smoke: The first thing that I notice is that it has loads of flavor and absolutely coats my mouth with awesome array of flavors. Ranging from warm cocoa to meat to a screeching spice that is as brilliant as it is brief, only coming at the apex of the retrohale. Tons of smoke as well.

At first I was not impressed by its strength but, boy, it is full bodied. It’s a strength that builds up slowly as you smoke this Camacho. The draw is perhaps a little tight but does not interfere with the cigar in the slightest. The burn is perfect.

There is an occasional sweet note. Coffee is the predominant flavor in the aftertaste.

: This is an impressive cigar. It has tons of flavor, some kick to it and it smokes very well. Definitely a keeper.

5 points

Price Range: $4.75 – $6.75

Camacho Coyolar Page